I'm a slave.

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Arez01, Mar 30, 2020.

  1. Arez01

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    I don't want to be dramatic, but it's bloody horrible. God, everything went fine until this damn pandamic... I sit in front of the computer 15/7 every day now. Exercises & reading are practically the only help I get, it still doesn't stop me from PMO atleast once a week. I believe in all the badness there exist because of PMO, if you would tell me that porn causes death by 30 I would believe it immediately but I'm a slave, I can't go outside because my parents won't let me although I'm 17, I won't get rid of the computer because I don't want to stare at the ceiling all day, I have no friends to chat online. My only friend is God. Maybe I sound pathetic, but it's because I AM pathetic, I know it, I don't know what to do. 17 days are left until Prime Minister decides: is there still a pandemic or not & do we still stay in home. I feel like trash. Thanks for reading, I had to put it somewhere. Sorry for english
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    It’s definitely tough when you can’t go out. What if you physically unplug the computer? Read a book or get out a notebook and write about anything.

    It’s not easy when you have a bad habit, and you’re spending tons of time using a medium to that bad habit. Your body can easily get you back to porn. Get rid of your access to the medium.
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    Hey bro, calm down its okay we often get lost in our thoughts I can totally feel you you're isolated and bored and have no one to talk to I can totally relate but it's also a time for you get to know yourself. You're still fighting it that's what matters, keep going you'll be okay just dont be a slave think about it you're going nowhere watching porn it drains your energyyy and makes you depressed so it has to stop right.
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  4. Liam_here

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    Who's Your Prime Minister Btw?
  5. Arez01

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    I'm from Poland and my prime minister's name is Mateusz Morawiecki. I'm not really into politics so I won't tell you is he a good minister or not
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    cold showers and getting dressed up and plan your day itll help
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    It's not all that dark my buddy,do your best.You are not pathetic,remember that you are just 17 years old and you are fighting with PMO!Congrats!
    Do your best and not worry,it is not dark as it seems.
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  8. IbrahimViking

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    You're not a slave. You're a 17 year old boy. You can't force yourself to stop doing something. You can't bully and hate yourself into becoming a better you.
    Now you have learned that - you tried and failed. Good! Now it's time to realize that you will not get benefit from nofap or anything until you start being kind, patient and generous with yourself in your thoughts.
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  9. StonePlacidity

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    Watch inspirational videos
    Talk with your parents

    Try not to victimise yourself.
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  10. Deysonn

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    must be tough at 17, you are normally horny as hell at that age. Try installing this application, its called Kuripira. Trick is to set a random password that you can not remember. Just type a bunch of gibberish in word or chrome or what ever and copy and paste it in to the app.

    This app does a really good job of blocking porn on your pc.

    Do you know how to configure settings on your internet router? You can use open DNS to block porn from the router also. If you configure your router no device which uses it's wifi can get access to porn either. These help as really good deterrents. If you have a family member you can confide in they can set the router and use a password you would not know either. This really helps with restricting your access to porn.
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  11. James2James

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    Good words right there.
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  12. Your only friend is god? Whats wrong with god being your only friend. That's fine. You were created by god, a weak creation (humans) must depend on the greatest no?

    Why don't you do good on the computer instead of bad? You could learn how to code right now.
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