I'm absolutely sickened by this!!

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    You know what makes my stomach turn?? When "scientists" say that porn addiction is a hoax. IT. IS. NOT. And if I came face to face with one of those "scientists". I'm saying this "I'm your proof that porn addiction is real. Why? Because pornography has taken hold of my life and it has been the main cause of depression, anxiety, and even suicidal thoughts in my life." And then I bet they'd give their "data" trying to prove me that I'm not addicted, and I would respond "Get over yourself. I'm proof. Just because sex and intimacy is natural, doesn't abusing that is right. I know that first hand." And they'd probably say something, "Oh well staying away from pornography doesn't teach you real masculinity and healthy sexuality." And I'd tell them "how about you start watching it every single day of your life, leaving behind your wife and kids, isolating yourself from society because a healthy sexual relationship with the love of your life isn't good enough, and then you start feeling horrible for your actions to the point you can't find the courage to tell anyone. And then you slip into darkness and numbness. And then you remember that the most powerful surge was to search the internet for a bunch of beautiful ladies and treating them like objects as you get your 10 minute benefit from them. And then you feel horrible again. To the point of depression. And then you go back again and again and again. And then you realize you're just doing it to try and get that powerful surge you felt the first time you watched it? After all that. Tell me your so called 'scientific findings' you sick pervert."

    I'm sorry this has just really bothered me lately. And I am just so annoyed with some of the sick and twisted mentalities that this world has placed on sexuality. It just makes me burn with anger on the inside.
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  2. There's also many scientists that are in favour of the idea that porn addiction is real and harmful, and have detailed explanations of why, comparing it to drugs like heroin. The scientists who say that there's nothing wrong with porn and actually encourage it are probably paid by porn industries.
  3. Or they are addicted themselves.
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    It takes time for science to acknowledge new findings and addictive compulsive behaviors (ABC) are pretty new field of research. The more we understand how brain functions the more obvious it becomes that you don't need to take outer substance to become addicted. Modern neuroscience is pretty clear about it. The problem is that our criminal justice systems are built on the premise of prohibition of "harmful" substances. ACBs don't fall into this category so they directly contradict "war on drugs doctrine" that has been in place post WWII. It's a bullshit doctrine, contradicting neuroscientific findings but still in place unfortunately.
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    I think those scientists are controlled by governments, and with porn addiction, governments can easily control people

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