I'm afraid my energy will disappear one day

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Perfetto_iN_2743, Mar 25, 2019.

  1. Perfetto_iN_2743

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    Hello everyone, I have abstained for more than 45 days. Feel great. But I'm afraid that when I have real sex (vaginal and unconventional), my energy will disappear and I will cease to be what I am now.
  2. Kohai

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    i dont know how real sex if effectting the NoFap benefits, i hope someone will answer.
    But you shouldnt worry too much about it, i made the same mistakes. The mere thought of the possibility to lose your NoFap benefits is energy consuming and make your sloth and demotivated. I had the same problem where NoFap became an obsessional thought to me which stoppped me from approaching girls if i havent had enough NoFap fays or if i know that i had a relapse (wet dream) recently. Its not good. NoFap is good. But to socialize is also important and it will stop you from fapping, you wont even get the thought to fap. Get other activities, then NoFap will be automatically happen! I dont even waste a thought to fap. But it will take a while to there, if you are addicted. But its not difficult, everybody can do it.
  3. CH3RRY

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    I've also been wondering this. A few times won't have an effect on you, but I'm not sure about having sex regularly.

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