I'm alone.

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Infrasapiens, Nov 27, 2019.

  1. Infrasapiens

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    Well, the title.

    I am going to try to not sound like an overly dramatic teenager.

    When I lay on my beloved hammock and can't sleep and I start thinking about stuff, my mind goes to the "Do not pass" Zone and start remembering my ex-girlfriend. Even when kind of accept the fact that she could be possibly dead and it could possibly be my fault, I miss to be able to talk to someone about anything.

    I have resorted to talking to myself but I do not have the best relationship with myself.

    I feel like I messed up my only chance of being someome who loved me just as I am. That was two years ago and I still feel bad.

    So that's it.
  2. allitnam

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    If you are comfortable talk us more about it, maybe that could help you feel better
  3. Hold it in

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    Talking to yourself is a sign of intelligence. Far as being alone we all are

    You can either surrender. Get over it or under it, (If you know what I mean) ;)

    Isn't life grand though? What is the alternative? Not being alive?

    Lay out under the stars under a dark moonless sky and just marvel at how insignificant your problems really are
  4. lolos

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    Man stop being such a sad cunt. You have such a shit attitude towards life, its only going to get worse for you. I have been there. It really is a spiral. Your attitude stops you from having fun, which makes your attitude worse, which stops you from having fun... Eventually you will get to a point where all you can think about is ending it. That's the only thought that goes through your head, 'my life sucks so I may as well get it over with'. Apart from the first few seconds of waking up, when your head is empty, you can feel the warmth of your bed and see the sun peaking through the blinds, it's nice, but then you remember how much your life sucks and the rest of the day you think about finishing it.

    You can change though man. I know you can't even comprehend that now, but trust me you can. I was in your position 2 years ago, then a few months after I was in the position I just described. Today I felt so fucking happy I was literally getting goosebumps.
  5. Bragi

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    Sucks to be you and I guess like more 50,391,819 dudes like you (random numbers here, but close to real ones I guess). But hey, don't get sad over chick. You better tell more than just give us a little bit information. The more you tell the better. Not much can be replied whenever you give us so little info.
    But fucking poking yourself because of something that happened 2 years ago is not right. I play it simple. I fucked up yesterday for example, I'm like "Okay. Shit happens. This was bad, but I'm learning from it, so it's not" I mean yeah, your case is different and stuff, but you are definetely not alone. And a lots of dudes deal with it. So should you ;)
    And as lolos said - stop being a sad cunt :) Seriously. It pisses me off to see a young dude with future, good streak and brain turn into whining bitch. Cmon man. Get up. I had a problem with one girl and I could easily say it was crazy. I was feeling messed up because of it. I felt like I need here in my life. But time has passed and I just realised everything is better without her and thinking of her. She was just an obstacle :) She used to hinder everything even when she did nothing to me. It was just me - stupid version of myself. Blind and foolish. Girls can do a lots of bad things as much as they can do good even without realising it ;)
    And there was also this stupid thing called dramatizing stuff. And I was over dramatizing EVERYTHING. Now I look back and laugh at it.
    So should you, friend. So should you... It's not such a big of a deal, if it's really what I think about. Time will pass and you will look at topics like these and say "LMAO CRINGE XD"
    Of course your problem might be more serious, cause as I said - there's not much info on this shit. But I hope it's all good.

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