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    Hey everyone i was recently coming here everyday till shit went hay wall for me i have been on and off rebooting longest ive gone is 15days but im having a serious problem i keep relapsing to tranny porn and im starting to feel sucidal because of it

    The same bullshit story happens everytime i reboot relapse to tranny porn get depressed as shit want to cry then 1 2weeks passes no porn and then boom my mind startz thinking about tranny porn and then i get a hardone and my stomach fills with butterflys like im about to have the best flog ever and then it happens relapse to it and then depressed all over again and i can't do it anymore!

    Please someone help me
    Am i actually gay because i keep going back to tranny porn i have real bad gay ocd i dont want to be gay and i dont want to live that lifestyle i want to be with my girlfriend and or with a women till death

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