Im back!! Finished 30 days No Internet

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  1. Sometime this week i would like to make a short post talking about my experience with abstaining from the internet and what i noticed.

    Stay tuned!
    NoFap Day 100
    Come at me life
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  2. Hey gang! So I made a post a while back talking about a no Internet Challenge.
    I ended up doing 30 days, I wanted to do 40 or 51. It is what it is.
    Lets get down to the guts..

    Things I noticed..
    First week I was freaking out about the whole thing. Feeling more anxious.
    Everytime someone would bring something up I felt like I had to look it up and be in the known.
    Some days just felt extremly bored, expecially when you get off of work and are taxed it would be easy to procrastinate but instead your just bored and depressed. Even if you don't have a lot of time in your day you procrastinate less knowing that internets your krutch when your sad ect.. but when your standing without the krutch you realize you are holding your self up.
    I knew that I wasn't going on the web so I would call someone or read a book instead of surfing the web.
    Im a lone wolf but you definetly open up more and are more keen to talk to strangers and are looking for real not virtual stimulus because your not on the internet.
    My memory is still crappy but I started getting these very vivid memories from a long time ago, they were all long term.
    I would need to experiment more but your mind processes information somewhat different.
    Overall it was a good experience I know look at the internet different now!
    I can use it for a good purpose but checking my bank statement gmail or even this forum 10 times a day is a krutch. When your sad or depressed or hurt we all have some kind of escape.
    Over all if you can't stay away from your phone and internet give it a try.,
    It's not easy but its refreshing just staring at the sky while everyone is starting down at the ground and in panic about knowing everything.
    For how much information we have nobody really knows anything..
    Nobody is supposed to know everything, in the old times if you wanted to know how to bake an apple pie or build a cabinet you had to know a relative or neighbor you spoke to them and found out the details. Now theres a million recipes and do it yourself but nobodies the wiser, its just information over load..
    Makes my head spin even talking about this lol.
    Live life minimalistic. Less is more.
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