I'm being Tested ??

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Noland, Jul 18, 2017.

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    Day 47.

    The summer was the best time to possibly quit this addiction. I've finally succeeded!. . . Or did I. .

    School starts in a month. Literally. It starts exactly one month from now. I was able to quit by rewiring my brain to not see women as sexual objects, and it worked. Recently I've had an on and off relationship with this girl (You'd know if you've seen my posts). When it's ON, I was able to rewire myself to only see her in a sexual way. My eyes would literally ignore other women lol.

    That might've been the wrong way to go about things.

    It was a wrong approach because I didn't factor in what would happen if she wasn't in the picture. It may just be temporary, but now what this has caused is a hole in my system. Now when I go out or go on social media, I look at girls just a little bit, because my body was was used to focusing on her.

    I'm being tested.

    I have to come up with a new approach. I'm not sure if this is the answer, but if you've seen my other posts, I've mentioned that I always test out crazy theories. I take a lot of risks lol. I can't say exactly what I'll do since I'm not as anonymous as I used to be, but I'm also up for any suggestions you all may have!
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    One thing that you're right about is solely focusing on someone to get out of 'it' won't work. Unless you're married and she is willing to get it through this with you .

    I would say go out with friends as much as you can because if coming back home makes you think about her and gets you depressed it's not worth it.
    It's okay to be sad about it but up to a limit though, get your focus back Noland, if you're into exceeding increase the time you exercise. Go for walks but usually keep lower your gaze. Go for swimming
    You can try talking this out to someone . Like make some one your ranting buddy and talk about her , go on about whatever you can until you're just like, meh, I'm done with this.
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    Noland you are quite the character.
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    I used to see women in public and look, following the 3 second rule, but I discovered that even if you look for all of only a second, if you have thoughts that you are viewing a potential mate it affects mind and body chastity.

    Now purity of heart is not everyone's goal, but if it is you must come to terms of what it is you want. If you aren't ready and capable of courtship to find a wife in a chivalrous manner, then set your sights on a being committed to a long term relationship but keep your eyes and thoughts solely on that.

    It is crazy how one second of deviant thoughts can send you off on the wrong path leading to relapse.

    I know people say we aren't our thoughts, and truly we are not our thoughts. But if you want to reach any kind of self mastery there comes a time when you need to take responsibility for your thoughts.
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    Sorry to bring up purity of mind.

    If it got too weird here's a clip about chivalry and being tested, it's Chappelle so that's an automatic spoiler warning,


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