I'm better alone ?

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Washwaverr, Jun 24, 2020.

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    I am better alone and I don't need nobody to feel good.

    "But when you get to the "top" who'll be there to take a photo"

    Imma take a f*ing selfie. No, wait... I'm not going to even mention that I'm this high, that I feel this good.


    Believe me... People can ruin everything you're better off alone in this world. Maybe not forever alone but first you need to learn that you need nobody to grow you need nobody to see feel or experience your growth. Heck! You need nobody to feel good. Since I know in this thread most of the loneliness comes from broken hearths(like mine), people who never been in a relationship, and generally people who's problems go around a relationship, this is why I am telling you and myself:

    We don't need a girl, woman, guy, boy or whatever holding our hand while we're getting to the "top".We need ourselves. A lone road with guaranteed success.
  2. Washwaverr

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    "A strong man can always be found alone. A weak man can always be found in a crowd"
  3. Being able to spend quality time alone is a great virtue fount in few men brother. However take it into consideration that we are social beings and we need each other. Isolation is the main cause of depression and overall bad mood, so we need to be around people from time to time. Also getting to the "top" will certainly require some social connections.

    Good luck brother!
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    I am talking mainly about a relationship with a girl. Yes i can have girl friends. But no girlfriends, thanks.

    Otherwise i totally agree with you.
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    "A man who has learned the art of being alone will never feel lonely again."
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    Loneliness is just a rite of passage. A necessity to achieve peace I just consider it a part of the journey though. You can live in fullness alone, but I believe I can achieve other greatness acts with someone else. Although I believe you can achieve success alone I think it's false that you can do it only alone.
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