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  1. Okay I know that in order to end this addiction you gotta replace it with different things. What i set up for myself before joining this site was a schedule for myself of important tasks to dothroughout a day. However, I also enjoy using youtube and watching anime. So when i would plan to finish theseimportant tasks, even though i kinda been slacking on it, I would either play video games, go on youtube, or watch anime. But I understand that all three of those have triggers, but youtube and anime probably has the most of them. All im trying ask are these things. Should I give up those three things? Should I replace them? How can i spend my whole day so i can have a full day of doing productiveness without seeing anything triggering?
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  3. any ideas?
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    Exercise, meditation, something that doesn’t involve a computer screen. Get outside of the house.
  5. hmmm interesting.
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    Anime poses a prob for me too,coz my mind deceives me saying its okay to watch sexy anime characters instead of real women. But that jist brings me back to pmo again and again. I would suggest to take a short break frm anime and youtube,or use it with the doors opened. Youll feel less tempted to do it knowing youll be seen.
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    Depends on HOW you get triggered, you can find hobbies that involves computer screen as well. There's so much productive stuff you can do with your computer as well. For example my life long hobby is programming, now I've started editing vocation videos like a vlogger would.

    Don't focus on what not to do. Find what you like to do.
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    I think it'ok.
    Just have some rules, like watch only animes that you would not find embarassing if your parents were in the same room.

    If anything is questionable then is nono
  9. ok thanks
  10. ok thanks
  11. hey i also forgot to mention in this post. I also have a problem where i feel like it is a relapse if i see a picture or video of any women (even if its non-sexual). It could be cuz i have paranoia though
  12. How about getting a job. That will keep you busy and you get $.
  13. If you just see something and weren't searching it out and didn't dwell on it, don't worry about it. Life is full of these things, try to cut them out from your chances of seeing them and if you do see them just be aware and then move on from it.
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    Make sure you have a schedule. i for instance take a freezing cold shower every morning and eat a big breakfast. many people can cure anxiety by simply eating breakfast. think about it your body has not eaten anything all night, it will start to make insulin to help you stay focus if you dont eat breakfast.
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  15. Well I wish.
  16. Well I do have a schedule, I guess I should try adding more things to it.

    Also do you know of anything vegan to be considered a “big breakfast.” (PM me the answer to that if you know cuz I don’t wanna go further off topic)

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