Im dedicated, stable and reliable. Are you?

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    I'm looking for an accountability partner. My criteria are quite exclusive and for that I apologize, I simply want the best or none, in terms of forming a partnership with an AP

    Im looking for someone with
    Near same day count as me (15)
    in college studying a STEM degree (so that we have similar school obligations and probably work,life,career balances) OR in STEM profession
    has had a 20+ day streak before in their life
    positive attitude
    no mental illness

    we will communicate using telegram so it is anonymous. maybe not every day as we have busy schedules, but just supportive messages, advice we find, and helping each other through the processes.

    about me
    made it about 80 days in the past on monk mode
    I've got a positive attitude and am really trying to improve my life every day
    very open minded
    lived and worked around the world, had all sorts of crazy experiences but am trying to live the life I want now
    drink maybe once or twice a week if its low work, no drinking during hard times, smoke weed and tobacco about 3 times a year each
    debateable stance as a catholic, I was brought up catholic and have deep understanding of catholocism as well as other religions. I want to be catholic but i no longer believe in my heart and i do not like being a hypocrite, so in reality i probably behave more like an atheist. A saying comes to mind: "a saint is a sinner ,only one who keeps trying"
    I'd rate my own chance of success during this streak at 80%. I've got a lot going for me and little in my way. i think with a good ap this could make it to 90%
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    Hello I am 23. STEM major graduating in December and funny enough I was also brought up as a catholic who behaves more like an atheist. Anyway hmu if you want to do this
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