I'm Depressed: What is PMO from being a GAY?

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Helpneeder, Sep 29, 2019.

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  1. Helpneeder

    Helpneeder Fapstronaut

    Thank you for reminding me for loving myself. Yes.. yesterday I realized that I didnt love myself.... and now that Im aware of it. I promise to myself that I'll will never allow PMo to ruin my life again. I want to be the man I want to be. I want happiness.
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  2. Silver382

    Silver382 Fapstronaut

    You. Have time to make choices don't be impatient become frustrated instant gratification in the long run is always a disappointment.
  3. Souvent08

    Souvent08 Fapstronaut

    Props in seeing where you need to work on yourself and for actually knowing yourself. You have so much ahead of you. One step at a time and you’ll be the man you want to be. There’s nothing wrong with you now. If you are a better man tomorrow than the one you are today then you are on the right path my friend!
  4. Alwayshorny77

    Alwayshorny77 New Fapstronaut

    Don't listen to the god squad and just be yourself. I'm glad you have finally got some good responses on this forum. Sadly, it's impossible for those that aren't born gay to understand it.
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  5. I'm jealous of you man. Being a gay man is a gift not a curse. It is so much easier for gay men to get laid than straight men. Heck even the old definition of the word gay is happy and carefree. Embrace it you are lucky.
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  6. Well you are only 19 years old. Even so life is very short. However if I were 19 years again I will say to myself I will seek the spirit. It is a messy and hurting world out there. Also I would strive the best I can ever do on focusing on serving others instead of constantly focusing on self gratification. With that my leadership abilities will certainly grow if I did follow that path. I will advise you to do that. Even so I wish you the best on overcoming PMO.
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  7. JimJames

    JimJames New Fapstronaut


    I'm a straight male, but I empathize with your struggle with the bible and organized religion. I was indoctrinated (a fancy word for brainwashed) into fundamentalist protestantism from the time I was born, but there was always a part of me that could tell it was BS and not based on pure love. I'm 35 now and I've spent years investigating the bible and every other religion under the sun that I could find literature on. I'm obsessed with mans inclination towards spirituality and religion. What you have to remember is that spirituality is philosophy and not religion. Religion is just another political orientation. It's a set of rules that society agrees upon, and as you can see, that fabric is being tested heavily in our current time. This is natural and happens in varying degrees to every society. Thomas Jefferson said the bible is 75% dung (crap) and 25% diamond. After years of intense objective analysis, that is exactly what I have found. You cannot mold the essence of who you are onto a political construct. God loves you without you needing to do anything. Sovereignty is your birthright, forgiveness doesn't come with a debt, and true love has not stipulation. Abrahamic religions have convinced people that we are separated from God and therefore are in need of salvation, which conveniently can only come from the church. This is what Hegel calls Problem - Reaction - Solution. The truth is you couldn't separate yourself from God if you spent an eternity trying to do so because you are merely an image of God. Check out some of the eastern religions. The word orientation means literally where the sun rises, in the east. The beginning where we are not separate from God, we are facets of God attempting to know itself in every conceivable way. The voices of guilt in your head are nothing but faulty programs that will take time to overwrite, be patient. Clear your mind and search with an honest heart. Test all things in all possible ways. Truth is like gold in a furnace, it must be tested by the pure flame of reason. Reason is based upon Natural Law, the only word of God.
  8. Hi. Thanks for sharing your story. First off let me say that everyone here is struggling with something to a degree.
    Ok, so im going to keep it short because I feel like you already know the answers. Youre obviously religious and you know the bible and its teachings. You also obviously are facing conviction for your actions. And thats a good thing. That conviction is there for a reason, you know youre going against God and his will. That tells me you know right from wrong and that youre true desire is to live in a manor pleasing to God. Unfortunately, we are flesh and weak and are easily consumed in these sins. The problem is, if we continue to go against this conviction, we will eventually become numb to it and get further and further into a sinful lifestyle. Then you get into deep sin. Now, youll no longer feel these convictions, making it easier and easier to go farther and farther from Gods will. Its a slippery slope.
    I challenge you to pray to God to clarity and to to guide you and your life in a direction that he would see fit. Pray for God for relief from these earthly, unnatural urges. Get in the bible daily. Search and read for passages regarding your particular issues.
    Look, everyone has a thorn in the flesh, this is yours.
    Again, obviously you know right from wrong and you know how you should be living. Your main problem is that you are here, asking men how you should live your live when you already know the teachings of God, and you know that the will of God goes against the will of man.
    Dont look for confirmation from your fellow man. We are all human and just as bad as you. Stop trying to appease man and society because thats going to continue to lead you down a dark path.
    Get on your face, repent, pray, get in your bible daily. Stay strong and keep pushing forward, striving to do the right thing.
    Bow low before God,
    But stand tall above man.
    Youll be in my prayers brother. I love you and hope the best for you and hope that you find happiness and peace in your life.
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  9. newuseroctober

    newuseroctober Fapstronaut

  10. newuseroctober

    newuseroctober Fapstronaut

    Just go with your heart, dont listen to anyone who judges, with the religion aspect, theres no point in denying yourself of love to please some peoples religion. its none of their business, but do stay away from porn and try to find someone decent to share things with in real life
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  11. Nil1991

    Nil1991 Fapstronaut

    I am gay and happy.. I have good friends, a good family and people that supports me. If I could choose, I would be gay again, cause damn, the straight conservative world is boring.
  12. Jerry4NF

    Jerry4NF Fapstronaut

    I know you asked this a little while ago, but still, I´ll answer.

    Please, Please, PLEASE ignore any previous answer that seeks to belittle or shame you for loving or feeling different than them. That serves no purpose to you, but to fill them with self rightiousness and an idea of superiority.
    Whether there is a god or not, I can not tell you either way for certain, but I can asure you that no god worth worshiping will judge or punish something you feel or do that hurts no one and that they allowed on the first place. Get rid of the religious implications of heaven and hell, grace and sin,etc. This will probably give you the peace of mind that you need to truly examine yourself and your feelings. There is no rush, it can take a week or it can take a couple of years, but know that, whatever the answer, you are worth for your values and convictions and how you treat others. If anyone judges you for anything else, they are not worth listening to (however they may be related to you).

    Lastly, I don´t know where you live or your personal situation, but be true to yourself and you will eventually find people that will love and cherish you just for who you are.
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  13. This sin nonsense pushes many people into depression and not so few even into suicide. If there is a god he won't care about sexual ideas or friction of genitals of a single human in any way, moreover, he created humans that way. With sexuality and affection, far exceeding anything needed for procreation. Becoming an adult is defined by becoming aware of ones sexuality, in contrast to children.

    A god would not create his creations just see them suffer. That would be evil. The bible is a collection of books, an archive, that gives testament to the life of Jesus of Nazareth and his followers. Written by people who liked nothing more than to funnel their ideas into it. Hence all the contradictions. The belief is not in the book. But that is just my european point of view, which is ofcourse different to the US, a country founded in part by extremely puritan christians that were outcast and seen as medieval weirdos back in europe.
    There is plenty of reason to practice NoFap, but not because people feel miserable due to religious bullying.

    PS: shaming of gays isn't an opinion.
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  14. brentberger

    brentberger New Fapstronaut

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