I'm Doing Nofap, but I have so many questions...

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  1. So I'm doing nofap, I haven't masturbated in almost ten days with very little urges...

    But the thing is, I have several fetishes and I don't like porn of actual people, I tend to fap to furries, or Pokemon, and it tends to be involving my fetishes most of the time.
    I have an entire Discord community with these fetishes and I want to keep active on it, which means I HAVE to end up looking at pictures of these...
    But the thing is... I've been seeing these, talking to other people even roleplaying involving my fetishes, all this time, and I haven't fapped once yet.

    What I'm asking is, will my dopamine still be repaired? I can completely resist at the moment, roleplaying, seeing occasional fetish pics, without fapping at all. I really want to keep in touch with these people of my similar interests on Discord, and I don't want to have to quit and never talk to them again...

    These fetishes do not apply IRL, I have seen real porn and ejaculated to it, but I barely do it, and I haven't done it in FOREVER, I have no interest for 'real porn' now. (involving humans and not drawn furries/pokemon)
  2. Hence the problem: your mind has rewired to be aroused by things that are entirely fictional.

    Think about it; when you get to the point in a relationship where you are “going all the way”, you wouldn’t be aroused by her nor maintain an erection.

    Seems like you have the classic symptoms of Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction (PIED), these fetishes are unnatural and only harm your life. The best course of action for your life currently is to get rid of ALL connections to porn. Even the most vanilla eroticas, they are slippery slopes that one will certain slip under.

    Forgive me if I sound harsh; I can understand your connection to those people of similar interests, but will they help you advance your career or better your life at all? Probably not. Rid your surroundings (and connections) to these people. They serve you no good but harm, fill your social circles with energetic and ambitious young men and women as people of your age should be. Stop consuming anything that can arouse you (this case pokemon/furries).

    Only you can save yourself; the forums of NoFap is useless lest you truely commit to better yourself.
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    Take a step back and look at what you are doing. Is this really want you your life to be like? Fantasizing about pokemon? I promise you if you stay in that community you will end up relapsing. Leave now and cut off everything.

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