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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Drambuie, Aug 1, 2021.

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    Lately I have been neglecting my friendships due to my excessive fapping. Just two days ago, during a long edging session, my phone was abuzz with messages from two friends that needed me for help with stuff like emotional support. I did not check my phone for several hours after that. I did text them back and we talked too. But the whole time, I was hating myself for not getting to them sooner. Like I said I talked to them hours late because I was edging. A lot could have happened if it was a serious issue and I was not around. I did not realize that I was the strong one of my friend circle in spite of my fap addiction. And they deserve to have the best version of me that they can get. I definitely would have been distraught even suicidal if anything happened to them and I was emotionally unavailable because of my addiction.

    That is what this addiction does such as with other addictions. It pushes important things to the background when it takes over fully. Then we are left with the fallout when we come back down from the high. Sometimes it could be a disaster if we are not prepared for it.

    Never again will I let it take control of me like that.
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    Amén .... sip la Depresión que causa el PMO y el aislamiento al final afecta a uno. Gracias x compartir tu experiencia, Dios te bendiga Siempre
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    Not gonna lie I laughed when you said “I talked to them hours late because I was edging.” It’s just so ridiculous when you think about it. Imagine you show up late for work and tell your boss “sorry I was edging.” Hahaha.. and I’m not making fun of you. I’ve done the same thing before with friends texting me while I was edging, but it wasn’t serious.

    Edging is so stupid.. we need to find better use of our time. It’s a good thing you learned a lesson from it. Remember this next time the devil comes knocking on your door.

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