I'm freaked out NEED HELP Blood in semen

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  1. Im worried, I tried to orgasm without ejaculate (to be a multiorgasm man with my girl) so I tried a technique I've read on internet which consists in when you're about to ejaculate, you squeeze between your testicles and your dick while you contract your PC muscle. I had an orgasm, and ejaculated just a lil bit, like I did not ejaculate all my semen.

    Problem is, that after 30min I saw blood on my dick. I went to take a piss, and some blood came out from it. And that was it, now I'm not feeling pain, nor blood is coming out, but I'm freaked out. Is this technique safe? should I stop? should I be worried even if I'm not feeling pain and blood is not coming out anymore?
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    What the f***. That's messed up. There's no way that can be healthy.
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    Contracting your PC muscle is good, but squeezing your equipment is too abrasive. Its not natural. It causes too much inner pressure. You will be ok though. There's no irreversible or fatal damage. The body just gave you a clear sign not to do that...
    Become more efficient in sublimating your energy via contracting the PC muscle through relaxation and controlled rhythmic breathing and going slow during sex. Anything worth doing and which yields the best results take time and cant be hurried.
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    Stop all the Voodoo will you! Stop the insanity!

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  6. Aight! I won't do that again.

    I'm just trying to be multi-orgasmic I were reading about it and thought it was possible to do it with that technique this guy explained there.

    I have felt no pain, but I was freaked out.
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    Don`t worry i had same issues in past, i did research on internet causes can be many and in most cases it`s nothing serious. It happened once when i relapsed, than i fapped next day to see if it`s gone, it didn`t and it was still blood. After 2 days blood completely dissapeared and it was semen alone, after 3 days i fapped just to make sure and blood is completely gone
  8. go to a fucking doctor dude
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    Fuck man, never do that technique again. I know it, it's from Mantak Chia I read the books, I practiced this technique myself for a while. Never experienced something as blood just pain but many people have had serious problems from practicing this technique, if you check in circles around Daoism, cosmic orbit and stuff.. you will see that there's a lot of repulsion towards Mantak Chia. Let's find another route
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    This is a great example of why it has been tradition that these kinds of techniques should only be learned from a qualified teacher. These techniques can be dangerous.
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  11. Can’t help you there man. Sounds like something was stained.
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    Be careful with all in the internet , there are techniques like this that could be dangerous for the health

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