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Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by randomname3, May 28, 2019.

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    I'm doing good on the no PMO side, but I recently got my bachelor's degree and I'm still unemployed since quitting in December, still living with my parents since I don't have any income. As a kid in junior high multiple girls asked me out even though I was just a nerdy loner, but I turned them down out of my own insecurity.
    Through high school and college, some girls liked me but I legitimately wasn't interested, and I just fixated on one girl who had no interest and married a close friend of mine.
    In the last two years I've asked out at least 3 girls and all of them rejected the offer.
    I've made a fully fleshed out profile on several dating services, but get almost no replies.
    To this day, I've never been on a single date or even held hands with a girl in a specifically romantic way.
    More and more of my friends even ones a lot younger than me are already married and own a home. It's really starting to worry and depress me I'm so far behind.
    I guess my question is, how do I even get started meeting a girl and having a relationship? I'm almost 30 and have almost no experience.
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    Chill...just chill.
    I'm 26yo, I'm in a relationship, I've been single my whole life except for the last year.
    I REALLY miss my "me time", you know? Anyways that's not precisely my point.
    What I've learned so far about relationships is that having a relationship is not good, neither is bad, is just something. If is a healthy relationship it might be good but still, is no way better than being alone. My current relationship is not as healthy as I would like, but we are working together to make it work, we'll see the outcome. And the best part about being in a not-so-healthy relationship(I wouldn't call it toxic, is not that bad either) is that I have learned a lot about myself, A LOT, and sometimes even tho I love her, sometimes I wish I was single just to work on improving myself, specially in this NoFap area.
    There are soooo many things you can do to improve yourself when you are single, so many. A healthy relationship allows you to improve yourself, but let's be honest, your gf sooner or later will want some time from you, women are programmed that way, they want your attention.. sounds nice? Is not always, sometimes it is nice to see her happy, but some others you just want time for yourself.
    Bottom line would be, relationships are overrated!
    Don't hurry, don't rush anything, yeah sure you are feeling that social pressure, but have you tried to control that stress? All that pressure? Learn to control it and move one.
    Go and lift some weights, learn how to dance salsa, play videogames, read, travel, DON'T EVER FOCUS on getting laid, that shit doesn't work, women know when you want something more with them. When hitting on them, don't expect anything, just do it without expecting anything and learn from every mistake, and sometimes is not even a mistake, sometimes you just learn that not every woman out there will feel attracted to you and that is totally fine.

    No rush.
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    Thanks! Well I keep that in mind.

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