I'm giving in, giving up..

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by TrueSaiyan, Nov 20, 2019.

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    I'm extremely tired with chasing after woman lately. Then to find out that they just don't find enough interest in me to go out with me. I've been talking to a Woman on facebook and her profile just shut off over night. We had a good "friend relationship" going.
    Two woman like me a little bit at my job and I tried talking to one during my lunch yesterday, but apparently she was on her phone the whole time. It completely turns me off with Woman these days if they just sit on their phones.
    Another gave me Good luck chocolate the other day at work and I think today I might go buy her a chocolate bar in return. But she is Mexican so I don't know how well she speaks English. I am going to try. But I'm not sure what to do anymore. I feel some people just get lucky and are gifted to a relationship? and some don't. I've been trying to meditate on my heart space, but not sure if that's enough..
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    Just stop chasing womans around. If you go from just one to another, how will any lady feel in this way special. Maybe it is Better to focus your energy on your own plans/study/job, and when your feeling happy, you automatic are more attractive.
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    Stop chasing women dude. You need to attract ONE to have a relationship not all of them.

    If you go after them you are not applying the essential part of attraction. When you attract someone, that person goes to you, not the other way.

    Focus into improving yourself first, what aspects do you thing you could change to be better? They do not have to be drastic, just simple things: dress better, stay clean, buy a perfume, take a productive hobby that canalizes your attention into something good.

    Those things will make you attractive and interesting, but it's a journey, resisting urges is never enough.

    Fuerza amigo!!

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