I'm Going Through Hell

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  1. I'm in the flatline and I'm going through the worst time of my life. It's turned into a living hell. I'm depressed, I have so much anxiety, I've become pessimistic, I'm struggling in school. Things have never been so bad. I knew it was going to be bad when I hit the flatline, but I didn't think it was going to be this bad. I can't think straight and I'm not getting homework done. I'm almost always depressed, I'm not enjoying things the way I used to, I feel hopeless. Honestly it feels like nothing will ever go my way. I still have some hope that things will get better, but it's slim. I'm thinking about doing all these drugs to get me out of this pain. I just can't take it anymore. I can't live like this. Will it ever get better? Will this pain ever end? I just need a way out. I'm actually starting to think that I'd like to work for NoFap. I'd just like to warn kids about the dangers of porn and masturbation. I hate how people think watching porn and masturbating is totally normal and that everybody does it. Porn really is the new tobacco. If I have kids one day I will always keep them busy and make sure that they don't fall into the trap that I did. I'm so lost and so hopeless. I've been having a lot of thoughts of suicide. Does it really get better? Will it ever get better? I talked to the social worker at my school and I actually told her about my addiction. I just had to tell her. She got it out of me. At one time in my life everything was great and I was happy. Those days ended when I became addicted to porn/masturbation. I feel like I'll never be the same. This flatline really hit me hard. It's unbelievable. One thing that I noticed though is that I'm thinking much more clearly. I'm amazed at how clear I'm thinking. I just need some reassurance that things will get better. I've been talking to God and just hoping that things will get better.
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  2. Dude, get a hold of yourself, you gotta man up if you're going to do this. You are exaggerating the hell out of this and you're doing this from your own mind. You just pointed out that you are thinking much more clearly, you don't need reassurance because you just reassured yourself. Just stay strong and you will notice more benefits. the fact that you noticed one benefit should be enough to get you out of this "bubble" that you're in and realize that you are a man for coming through and already noticing a difference.

    Just grab your balls and soldier on through it.
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    Things will get better.
    Look at your plans for your future kids.
    What I mean is, look at what you'd do for them. Can you apply that to your current situation?
  4. Thank you guys for your great advice. Things might not be easy right now, but I just gotta man up and soldier on.
  5. You got this, we're a strong team of sex magnets to women. We're gonna be stronger than those who never P and M'd in the first place. We'll show em...now go tackle life and use this strength you've built up inside you to conquer what you want out of life.
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  6. That's exactly what I'm gonna do. I'm going through hell, but this addiction is gonna make me stronger in the end.
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    Take it easy. Take one step at a time. You are your own path maker. If you havent meditated yet, do it. All these are thoughts that are eating you. More you ignore more they attack. Best way is to let them come at you and you dont give them any important at all. You can help yourself by practicing mindfulness or by meditation.
    Dude this is life. It has its own ways of pulling you down. But you are strong. Could observe by your words. You think about a bright future.You will have it. Stay in there. You have my strength.
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    The biggest barrier between yourself and everything you've ever wanted is you - your thoughts, rationalisations and insecurities.

    The man who cannot control the space between his ears can rest assured that he will never be able to control anything else in his life.

    If you want true inner satisfaction and contentment, you need to build a foundation. You need to train your brain. You need to grab those stray and pessimistic thoughts that float around inside you, chain them up and throw them aside.

    Take a big deep breath. You're still alive. So that's good. The sky hasn't fallen on you yet. There's a reason to smile.

    All of the problems you've mentioned can be fixed by some grit, determination and brain training.

    So get your shit together bro. None of us on NoFap are wimps. If you signed up here, you better be prepared to go through hell. And remember we are your pals, your mates, your comrades, we're in this together.

    I help you - you help me.

    Let's get to it.
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    Don't give up,if you are going through the hell,keep going,I am sure things will get better.
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  10. better to be going through hell now, then living there for eternity. :)
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