I'm having the strongest urge right now...

Discussion in 'Abstinence, Retention, and Sexual Transmutation' started by LawOfAttraction, Jan 15, 2019.

  1. LawOfAttraction

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    Oh boy... I feel like relapsing, but I need to keep on pushing onward! I feel that whenever we get a temptation we almost lose sight of the benefits and the real reason we embarked on the nofap journey. Whenever I have an urge I just remember the benefits such as my face is glowing, I'm so happy, I'm unstoppable, my presence is known, I attract women my age, and my confidence/ self esteem is over the roof. I'm also a teen so I know that I need to preserve my masculinity to for the vital growth hormones to make me look masculine in the future and for a bigger member lol. Anyways, this is also very hard because teenage years is like the horny years. I need some advice. I already do cold showers and push-ups. Nofap is the best yet hardest thing I'm trying to overcome. Do you think fapping only once a week instead of everyday will help or stopping cold turkey is basically the same thing. Help please!
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  2. MetaGame

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    I see ur on day 6 .Day 6/7 is pretty hard for many people. Ur testosterone raises and ur judgement starts lapsing cuz its like hey i made a week. Its like u have extra energy that can be output elsewhere. Try not to be alone and excersize.
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  3. gagate

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    Switch to cold baths, do th tibetan rite when you feel the urge, and be very wary of what goes on on your mind.
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  4. VeganRights

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    I have the same, after a while the mind comes up with all the excuses, because it's overflown with all these urges. But they DO pass eventually, it may take an hour, a day, but they do pass, it's very important to keep this in mind, pmo is not needed.
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  5. LawOfAttraction

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    Thank you so much, my energy does feel through the roof so, I feel that I need to exercise even more now and stay productive. Keep my mind off it. Go outside too. I deleted social media because of how big the urge is too! Thanks for the help brother!
  6. LawOfAttraction

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    Wow 110 days! Yes I will keep note of that. I deleted my social media like Instagram and snapchat because I wasn't keeping track of what I'm feeding my brain on a daily basis. Thank you so much!
  7. immadothis

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    do something else, replace the habit instead of trying to fight the habit, make peace with it like, you don't wanna do it, so your going to do x instead, like reading a book or something
  8. More Jing

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    A suggestion , back in the day I did a lot of Taoist style lovemaking with no ejaculation ,at the end to move the energy apart from the mental side one of things that was done was a SILK cloth (amazon is your friend in 2019) and rub clockwise and counterclockwise dozens of times in the perineum area it dissipated the sex energy which was no good just sitting in your balls ,,,,maybe when you cant get rid of the urge this silk cloth regime might be the way to go? ...good luck
  9. Retentionman

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    Man, stay strong. The start is the most difficult part trust me, its temporary
  10. Coolyorky

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    Go splash cold water on your face to shock yourself bro. It kills the urge
  11. Dimmed_haze

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    Fuuuuck, I have the same feeling rn. And I'm only day 5.

    Edit: I fucked up. Don't do it, take it from a fallen soldier...
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