I'm horrible at...

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  1. writing my signature. It's absolutely horrible. It looks like erratic scribble, and I'm so inconsistent that it never looks the same twice. I get embarrassed sometimes when I have to sign in front of someone when purchasing something. It's a good thing I'm not famous because man I'd hate to have to sign autographs. So what are you guys horrible at??
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  2. Millenial

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    Choosing names and also usernames. It took me 4 years to name my cat and I don't even like the name I finally chose. Ridiculous.
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  3. I suppose you could always change either. I'm sure the cat won't mind.
  4. Messy signatures aren't all that unexpected. I've read a lot of doctors have messy signatures.

    Anyway, I'm horrible at drawing. Never liked it, hurts my hand, and I've never been good at it.
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  5. u376

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    Socializing and expressing my emotions
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  6. zadvanceppa

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    writing and expressing my emotions. Teaching; I am horrible at teaching people what I know.Thankfully, I'm not a teacher but am in a industry of practical application and past experiences being important.
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  7. Saying the right things at the wrong time.
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  8. I'm horrible at picking out clothes. I never end up wearing half the things that I buy.
  9. I'm familiar with that problem.
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