I'm in doubt. Is this "relapse" is serious relapse?

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    After 33 day streak I relapse second time. First time was just my fault and not Unfavorable circumstances. I was sick, have to stay at home for whole week and I just fapped (first streak- 21 days). Second attempt was even better, but here where problem start. Yesterday I met my ex-girlfriend. After meeting I felt so strong urge that I cannot handle with it. I fapped three times, totally emptying myself. And I have to say I felt so calm and good. No guilty, no lack of energy or motivation. I just feel better. But y'know. Did I just ruined my progress ? ( 54 days of NoFap. No porn,
    involuntary fantasy... (especially jailbaits, this make my feel ugly, but this teen thot's on street are everywhere. Should I stay at home? Ofc no. Fcucking summer.). But I just want to hear your opinion guys, more experienced fapstronauts.
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    Tell me how you feel in a week. You gave in to your urges and it only feels good in the moment. Every person always says it feels good after a long period of nofap. Of course.
    But now look, when you spiral back into fapping every other day, then you will realize why you are doing nofap again.

    You will become weak again, sooner or later. Don't be deceived
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