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    Hey everyone its Josh. Im 23 years old. So for years now my friends and I would do a NoFap for the year of 2013,2014,ect... and we would fail after a few weeks/days but I'm taking the commitment to heart. I grew up in the church so this is for both religious and personal reasons. I recently quit gaming (all forms of gaming on an electronic device). I go to the gym about 3 times a week. I'm a vlogger and I'm going to pick up piano soon after i sell my PS4. Im going to keep a little journal on here to share my thoughts and experiences and what i personally have noticed that has changed in my life. Thanks for reading :D. Love all of you.
    Josh The Vlogger
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    Hi Josh. Welcome you are amongst friends here with plenty of help and lots of information here to help you recover
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    Welcome to NoFap!
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