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I'd like to know how many of you are around my age

  1. 19- (also 19)

  2. 20+ (also 20)

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    Hello, i've been introduced by a friend to this. I'm 16, i study a lot and do boxing/gym.
    In the latest days i've had seen how i weren't ever actually taking a grip on girls, not because of shyness, but because i didn't feel the needing for it. I passed a lot of shit and i though that the reason was hidden there, i even went to a psychologist and fixed some stuff but didn't find answers. I was practically living the life i wanted to live, without rejection and stuff, inside my pc trough pornography and videogames. I'm starting to do periods of 1/2 weeks of nofap and i've felt the difference after my last PMO, i've felt how i was killing my emotions fapping every 2 days, or even every day and continuously having to fap to something fucking unlookable without even getting exited, i also managed to take doubt of my sexuality waking up some nights and mixing the attraction i have for muscolar people (just jym and boxing usual stuff) for actual love. Now i'm back on my trail and i think that subbing to the site and posting was the only right thing that i could've done to thank this community
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  2. Hey there! Welcome to community, joining this forum is great decision! I see you are a boxer, if you look at many great boxers, majority of them practiced semen retention. Some made sure not to ejaculate few weeks before fight, and some of them for even few years while they were in their prime. NoFap will give you more energy for gym/boxing, another great benefit of many.

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