I'm not living like this anymore!!!

Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by Island_Devil, Sep 3, 2020.

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    Enough, I am tired of feeling so sour and hollow inside. I'd use self pleasure to escape the pains of reality but it just compounded and magnified the pain while hiding it from myself.
    I am DONE pulling the wool over my own eyes. I am TIRED of witnessing all of my potential and energy drained into rags. I'm taking some fucking accountability for my actions.
    My life has deteriorated in the quest for self pleasure, I made myself homeless, I gave myself those crutches and addictions, I lead myself by the hand here and by God I'll lead myself back out again.

    Posting here to keep myself accountable, to materialise my goals a bit more, and hopefully to get some support and insights from Vets and newbies alike.
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    Please, start studying carefully what's happening in your mind > https://oceanrecoverycentre.com/2016/07/the-ultimate-guide-to-overcoming-internet-porn-addiction/

    First time without porn will be stressful , but if you resist , in some months you will feel reborn.

    If the first times a person relapse easly, it's okay.
    The streaks becomes even longer , day by day.
    Don't porn anymore, it's better to struggle and at the last to relapse than to look at porn.
    No more instagram pictures of models. No more erotic imagines , erotic stories or erotic asmr.
    If you experience ''flatline'' and low libido , resist.
    > https://www.yourbrainonporn.com/por...l-size-and-or-libido-are-decreasing-flatline/
    We should improve in all area of our life, just being dissatisfied or stressed makes us relapse.

    An effective weapon to overcome urges and thoughts : mindfulness.
    The brain will try to win you and to get some triggers for the seek of dopamine. Resist
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    Hey man, I really appreciate the info drop. Especially the part in the first link about being mindful to not "swap" one addiction for another (porn for endless youtube videos).

    Having a better understanding about how and why this is so addicting makes me feel like I'm not walking so blindly. Thank you for the very valuable resources of knowledge you posted, have a great life!

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