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    Mods please guide me to the proper section if this is not correct. Apologies in advance.
    Sorry it is long...

    Ok guys...I honestly dont know exactly what is wrong with me, is it PIED? Is it Sexual Performance Anxiety? Is it both? Help me figure this out, I'm going crazy on my own.

    Ok here we go,

    I'm 34, and Im pretty sure that I dont have ED. I get morning wood like a champ almost every morning.
    I have been doing some experiments recently trying to pinpoint the problem.
    Growing up I never had a problem getting hard, Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking. And about 4 years ago I met a girl and she was beautiful. Making out and I get hard as a rock, she performs oral. Everything good.
    Days later, same thing and then we go to the backseat of the car for sex..I lose my erection. This is where it all started.
    We did continue to "date" and it was always insanely difficult for me to get an erection but we always made it happen eventually. Ok we stop playing around and it all ends in heartache. Fast forward and I meet another girl not as beautiful but still pretty, and she is more shy. We make out and boom, erection. She sleeps over, and I wake up in the morning and have sex with her. Everything works like a charm. We date for 3 years, never a problem. All of this time I have masturbated about 6 times a week once a day to porn. Meet a new girl, wow...she is beautiful. I tell her about my problem, she tries me out...amazing body, I eat her...annnnnd nothing. Nothing happens at all. I'm nervous as hell because of my previous ED episode from years ago...when we make out, nothing. Penis doesnt move at all. I am serious when I tell you...this girl is worth marrying but she is younger and wants the sexual attention. I call my girl from the 3 year dating and I touch her naked body...boom, like a rock...wth?Ok ok, so it all sounds like Performance anxiety right? This is where it gets weird. I can't get an erection just from viewing porn, I have to play with my penis for a moment and then it gets hard just fine. But if I stop watching for a moment it loses pressure fast. And sometimes when I climax to porn...I feel let down..doesn't feel very good. And I have also noticed lack of sensation when having sex. Can anyone make sense of this?
    Please at least try to help me out, I'm dying over here.
    Thanks Guys!
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    Stop PMO for 90-days and see what happens. Desensitization is a result of brain damage from PMO. You should get hard in all sexual situations. Probably you associate your ex with porn fantasies but the new girl is intimate and thats new to you.

    If you are impatient, you can go to the doctor and get sex pills for short-term solution with the new girl.

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