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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by NeedingHelp, Dec 3, 2019 at 9:06 PM.

  1. NeedingHelp

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    Hey guys, I'm a 14yo male, currently at a No PMO streak.

    Compared to other people around me, I'm not so lucky at love. I had two minor "relationships" (not serious) and they had a bad outcome.

    I have been lonely since September, and used to have high expectations about my next girlfriend, but now I don't feel much.

    I don't have a lot of friends, I don't hang out constantly and I don't know any girl I would like to date. I'm just becoming numb about these things. Is that normal?

    This may sound stupid but I always wanted to be in a relationship and now I don't have that will anymore. When I find a girl who I start to like, will that return?

    Not desperate, just feeling kinda weird.
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  2. YesICant

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    Hey young man!

    I hope you're ok

    It seems to me that you're actually desperate!

    As you said, you're just 14 - it's ok to be single.
    This is a age where you need to understand yourself and only after committ yourself in a relationship!

    I really think that you need to understand Ecclesiastes 3 here.. there's a time for everything.

    Your time now is to have lots of friends, mold your character according to the Bible, seeking God, and obey your parents.
    Study can help you, sport and hobbies too.

    Don't be too harsh to you!

    May God bless you!
  3. Fifth Horseman

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    14 and already tired of being alone? Wow. I was a handsome and smart and “cute” (to girls) kid who stayed alone, mostly, and preferred it. I read everything. My best friend was myself. By the time I bothered socializing in my early twenties I was a complete person, and who I was and became wasn’t affected by all the horrible social and sexual crap kids and teenagers go through that messes them and their worldview up. Yeah, there was occasional (and bearable) pain and loneliness, but all of my strength now, my singular love for my family and ability to focus on and enjoy a career stems from that formative time when I realized earlier than others how to be alone, how to focus on more meaningful interests, and how not to give a crap about the stuff that, when you get older, you realize never mattered in the first place. So embrace the “weird” time- someday it will be what you look back on as the time you became your best self.
  4. NeedingHelp

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    That seems fittable, I admit. Maybe being lonely is not that bad at all, and it is a time for self improvement and development.

    Will try to become better

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