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    Hello everyone!
    I just wanted to say that I am so glad there is a community of people here determined to give up porn addiction. Porn addiction is horrible. It's a free drug that hits its users with great force. I've only met ONE person in the world who (tells me) that he looked at porn a fair bit and then stopped because it was just "sticking a thing into a hole repeatedly". That guy has a growing reputation as one of the greatest piano players in Australia. Not saying that as soon as you give up the porn one begins to master Beethoven. However I wouldn't know XD...

    I think I started my journey when I was 10. 'Friends' introduced me to porn. Pictures originally...then the classic streaming websites...I watched it all out of curiosity...that was always the thing, curiosity. Only during high school did I being to fap to it. It was a gradual buildup. Originally a naked chick was enough to last me a month. Now it's at the point where I'm BORED of all of it...but the habit just continues me to do the classic browse for an hour until it's done.

    I have a girlfriend. She is absolutely beautiful. Inside and out. She's the most wonderful human being I know. I have spoken to her about my porn problem from the past and she has been totally accepting of it. Problem is it's not in the past, it's an addiction. I set up the x3watch on my main computer so she gets an email every week if I've looked at questionable websites. That's great. I don't look at anything on my computer. The issue is that there's nothing for my phone that I can't hack when I'm in a frenzy. So hence my addiction continues but on a smaller screen.

    I'm starting to see the precursor to ED. I am tired of being addicted to this. It clouds my mind, it wastes time. I'm sure this story is familiar to many...I just need somewhere to hang with other recovering addicts instead of being on my own trying to fight this.

    I recently tried to spend 8 days without PMO. I failed largely on about 4 of those days.

    I've finally come to the realisation that the only way to fix this, out of every single failed attempt, is to refuse porn.

    I hereby don't want to PMO for two months. Ambitious perhaps, but it's worth a try.

    Thanks for reading if you've just read this. I think you're great.
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