I'm only couple days in of NoFap and a girl wants sex

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Live2win45, Sep 29, 2019.

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    Should I get laid or wait til the reboot? I know its the real deal so I wanna do it. Just wondering if I should reset my streak or hold off and wait til I've been away from porn and masturbating longer.
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    You have realized you were buffing the shine off your trophy you might want to waste a little longer to have it's best .I founded if I indulged to soon I just went back to rubbing the shine off!
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  4. If i were you id tell her about NoFap. If she just wants to fuck u and vice versa walk off. Nofap is about getting back a clear head. One night stands lead to emotional confusion or even worse no emotions which is the general case. Your desensitised enough. If you establish an emotional connection then by all means. But to tell you the truth 90 days ain’t gonna cure your years of addiction. Its more like 6 months to a year or even 2. What im saying is if shes worth it she’ll understand
  5. I guess ill be the differentiator here. Id take the sex. Sex between two people is normal and natural. Fantasizing and masturbating to porn is not. Its up to you to decide if you are comfortable with it. A real sexual encounter with someone you are interested in, may have a healing, therepuetic effect.
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    I would do it.. Porn and real sex is something that is the real deal.. i even find it is a step towards nofap (your not fapping to porn, you're having real life sex like every person in the world)
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  7. Im currently sleeping with a girl i like i try not to O and ive been sucessful. I can tell u my level of intimacy is very low. Remeber we basically sex addicts. Porn is sex on steroids its other comparison is food, junk food is food on steroids. Its relativley tasty, accesibile and instantly satisfactory. Porn is the same thing but for sex. Ur not gonna like a healthy meal that is of the highest grade because you have to work for it and theres no gurantee youll enjoy it more or have enough to make you full. In the end it causes problems such as obesity and so on. PMO has problems if abused. Nofap documents the symtoms of PMO. So what im saying is basically get fit stay in shape before you wish to indulge in junk food or in other words create a discipline so you can appreciate the taste the effort and bennefits than the quantity. Porn is sexual junk food. Monk mode is the most efficient way of recovery. Which is why im against sleeping with women during reboot. I remember how id relapse so often after meeting an easy girl, wether i took her home or not the emotional regrets were too much. On one side id be like why didnt i take her home? So id binge PMO. The other was id take her home and have emotional regrets. She looked better last night, do i offer her breakfast or kick her out. You get the picture. The current girl ive slept with and only once during the past month of dating without O. I relapsed after 2 weeks cause its hard so im in a moral dillema to tell her about NOFAP. I should be right cause we have an emotional connection, but my intimacy is down the drain. My answer would be to work it out. If your serious about a girl tell her about NoFap, and explain to her the reboot process. If shes only there for the sex she can go find a cheap gigalo.
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