I'm only couple days in of NoFap and a girl wants sex

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Live2win45, Sep 29, 2019.

  1. Live2win45

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    Should I get laid or wait til the reboot? I know its the real deal so I wanna do it. Just wondering if I should reset my streak or hold off and wait til I've been away from porn and masturbating longer.

    Im not sure which thread to post it in so Ive posted in 2.
  2. We can't possibly answer it for you. We don't know the real extent of your performance issues (if any).
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    This is my opinion and my uneducated opinion only.

    If you feel you can do it and you both be happy with the experience, then do it.

    The biggest thing about nofap is abstaining from Porn. You are trying to wire your brain off of Porn and onto people again.

    If you feel that you will perform poorly and you both be upset, then no, don't do it. It’s important for your rewiring off porn that you have positive feelings with connecting sexually with real people. If it is going to be a negative experience it is vital you do not do it at this stage.

    Porn is by far the most damaging. Not everyone does NoFap hard mode.
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  4. Live2win45

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    Thanks I appreciate it! I think thats a reasonable opinion.
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