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    I'm officially leaving this page because I've accepted that sobriety is hopeless. I have relapsed so many times and hurt myself, my job, and my family because of my addiction problems. I'm weak, and I've always been week. To those looking for hope or determination to go on and struggle through life, here's my advice:

    Give up now.

    Fuck perseverance and fuck goals. People are only ever going to hurt you and bleed you of all your emotions. If anyone here actually stays sober then good for you but I actually don't fucking care. I'll never be happy whether Im sober or not so what the fuck is the difference? I used to have so many aspirations and plans for a wonderful life but I have come to realize some people are just doomed to live shitty lives. I am one of them.

    So this is me giving up and signing off officially. I've lost all hope for myself and everyone else so fuck this world and all of its constant bullshit.
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  2. TSousa

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    Dont be stupid men. There are many people that are suffering more that you. Dont be a loser. Fuck what the other people think about you. Just follow your way and forget them. Never give up and you will be more happy. The things in our lives are not like we want, welcome to the real world. But you just lose when you give up. Many people are like you but they dont give up, man. I had use a lot drugs in my life like cocaine, marijuana, cigarrete and alcohol. But now, I do not use nothing of that shit. I had fight many years against them and I won. I won because I didnt give up. The battles just make u more strong. Go ahead and never give up man.
  3. PedroCalrissian

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    It always gets better when you allow it
  4. RememberWhyWeQuit

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    Hey, I understand everything that you've been saying and for a long time I thought about what would make me content in life. I lived a significant portion of my life feeling alone and different than most individuals however, if i could say anything it would be that to keep being hopeful. Life can be shitty I felt depressed for a while and injured my leg recently rendering it difficult for me to walk. But, I still think that their is something better for me and you stay strong!
  5. I hear you. I’ve been relapsing like crazy this month not to mention most of my life if I’m really honest. I’ve fucked up plenty in my life because of this bullshit addiction but yesterday is done. Don’t beat yourself up. This shit is difficult but not impossible. Hang in there man. You’re not alone
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    You're making a mistake posting this and that's fine. We all make mistakes, but it is time to start forgiving yourself. Insteading of giving yourself the opportunity to relapse - you should cut anyone off in your life that is toxic, exercise and maybe do some community service. The trick with depression is you're always waiting for someone to do something significant (give you money, sex, compliments), but the reality is - even if someone gives you those things it won't necessarily make you happier. You must make goals.

    I don't believe you that you're signing off because you made this post clearly to seek validation. I'd be perfectly willing to be your AP (Accountability Partner) if that would help you? But don't feel sorry for yourself anymore. You're being way too hard on yourself. Inside of you is a f*cking lion, so unleash it. Don't be weak. Give into STRENGTH. Make two fists, throw your arms down to your sides, get emotionally intense and f*cking say, "STRENGTH.... STRENGTH.... STRENGTH!" Over and over again. You are NOT depression, anxiety or anything else making you feel bad. Is it normal to feel these emotions? Absolutely, is there ways around it? Absolutely. Don't give up.
  7. ceetee9559

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    And to make this even more significant; I saw you were online 38 minutes ago. So don't BS here! Everything is good!
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  8. IWillWin03

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    Alright man, it's one thing to give up yourself:

    1: That's not the right move by any means
    2. But if that's what you wanna do man it's your life... hurt yourself more if you really want!

    But for you to tell others to give up when they are fighting battles as tough as you?

    That needs to stop immediately. That's bullshit man. Man up. You're fine, and everyone on this page is here to better themselves. Don't you dare tell them to quit too.
  9. The question is did you hit "The Rock Bottom" ??
    if not then you will relapse for sure. for me my rock bottom was health issues and for most people it is.
    when you are at the rock bottom u will want to go up! Literally you will do anything to get better in life.

    everyone will have bad days, trust me some people in this site maybe going through hell but they are still walking their journey.
    it all comes down to you, how badly you want to improve?

    If you want to improve as hell nothing will stop you, you have to be absolutely determined and you should
  10. Ongoingsupport

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    Not everyone is thinking in terms of hope and perseverance, I think often that sets up this dramatic tension that isn't necessary and could be kind of setting up for a fall. You build up all this positivity and when that expectation isn't met, it's only natural to feel down.

    I for one am for seeing things truthfully and accurately, and if the truth is that's how you feel now then that's a part of it. But I have to say, giving up is just the opposite of going for it. If you don't care you would just not have a position, I see this as a reaction, it's a kind of going to extremes.

    You're under no obligation to take any position other than what you decide to do, so you don't have to go for it or swear off NoFap. Avoiding this site is an act of will too, but if you do whatever you want then you are free to come back whenever.
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  11. Anurag12

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    You forgot that Hard things never come out of comfort zone specially Porn Addiction, If u thought u would be able to quit porn so easily then you r mistaken.
    My simple goal of my life now is to win over Porn Addiction and want to show this porn that it does not belong to me and nor me belongs to him.
    Fuck PornStars and Porn Industry. I am free now.
    You lost the battle with your own self not with Porn.
    All d best for the rest of the life.
  12. ISFPdude

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    I know you probably won’t read any of this, but if you do ever come back I want you to know this.

    You are not weak. At least, you haven’t been weak, for as long as you’ve been here, or been trying to quit. You’ve been a badass from day one, and I’m not making that up. Why? You’re fighting the strongest enemy anyone can fight - their own brain. We’ve been hardwired for so many things, and instant gratification is one of the biggest examples of that. And yet here you were, standing up against it, falling, then getting back on your feet to fight again, and again, and again.

    This is nothing new in the world. Those successful people, the champions of the world, didn’t have it easy. Except for a very few who were born into vast wealth by their families, people have always had to fight. You just don’t see the struggle, the endless hours of effort, the tears, the failures, the times they almost give up.

    But here’s the real kicker. It’s a series of simple logic.

    - You said you won’t be happy, clean or not.
    - You’ve spent the last years in addiction, so that’s all your experience is reflecting.
    - Other people have been in the same mental situation, or a very similar one.
    - Therefore, you know that you won’t be happy to remain, but there is still clearly a chance for you to be happy without.

    What have you got to lose by not giving up?

    - ..... It’s literally so much nothing that I can’t even make a joke about it.

    What have you got to gain by giving up?

    - About ten seconds of gratification per day.

    What have you got to lose by giving up?

    - Potentially hours of your life every day, searching for porn.
    - The real chance for happiness you’ve got.

    What have you got to gain by not giving up?

    - Redemption for whatever it may be that you’ve caused.
    - A long-term amazing feeling of success.
    - True happiness.
    - Rekindled emotions.
    - The ability to look back on your life with satisfaction in the future.

    In the end, I can’t stop you. Quit, if you want. But the self-pity you’ll eventually feel dragging you down if you do won’t account for anything in the end, beyond maybe making a sob story.
  13. Arc12

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    Don't give up ... Even if you keep falling again and again you should not ... You only lose when you give up ...
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  14. Let.Me.In

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    I feel you bro... I've also had moments where I've thought of quitting too. I wish you all the best. Peace
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  15. You are way too hard on yourself. I think you have an all or nothing mindset. You probably think to yourself that when you relapse, your life is a bust. But what about the other days of sobriety? They count. I don't know how but you have to develop self compassion and come to terms with what is really ailing you. This might be the cure for your self hate. If you don't have compassion for yourself how can you have compassion for others? No one on this earth is born to live a shitty life. It's as if you are saying that when you were born someone (say God) branded you as "this one will live a shitty life" or "this one is not worthy". You are the one who has determined that you will live a shitty life and for sure it will continue to be fulfilled. You are giving up responsibility for your life and blaming PMO or something else. There has to be at least one thing that is working for you in your life. Cling on to that. Start from there and then grow. And by the way, growth is a very slow process. If you thought you were going to make a quantum leap into a recovered state you are sorely mistaken. Growth is a compounding process and requires all those small painful steps to occur.

    Change tact. Change strategy. Read books. Talk to others. Self heal. Develop self compassion. Love yourself. Hell, do everything in your power but never allow circumstances to dictate your destiny. It is not set in stone.

    I read this book called 10 Simple Steps for Building Self-Esteem by Glenn R. Schiraldi and applied the exercises therein. It helped me to develop self compassion.

    I wish you nothing but the best. This is a journey not a war.
  16. Bro dont be puppet of porn industry, i know its sounds silly from guy with 1 day but even if you currently see no diffrence, there is difference, everything is better than porn!
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  17. 5adn8m8

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    If you're too tired and you feel sick of NOFAP, You have too many relapses and you can't find any hope, then it is a good idea to leave this community for a while!
    You have let this feelings cloud your judgment. That I can't blame you for but I can assure you that you need this addiction go away no matter what!
    Everyone can improve their lives and themselves. That's a given. But no one suggests it's a piece of cake.
    Learn from your failures and move on. You didn't find yourself in middle of this addiction in one day and this will not go away over night either. Give it time. Give yourself some time and take a break. I can see you're out of breath. But I'm sure you will feel the need to come back eventually. Because we all want a better life!
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  18. Icebreaker

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    Why is this even in the success stories section ?
  19. I may not be able to change your mind, for it is only you that can decide your destiny, your road. But the view you have on life is one that is broken. You can not simply give up all your values just because of this. This is the damage it causes, I hope you see the truth, you hurt others with this way of thinking. I am certain your better than this.
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