I'm really sick of being told I'm responsible for slavery because I'm white

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    the fun part is that it's pretty racist as a thought for them :)
    the real problem is that this kind of people just want to see their side of the story, like, as you said, you were white and disagreed with them so you MUST be racist, you MUST be white, straight and so on, they took good thoughts of acceptance and they tranforms them is something even more racist.
    Like you know as a white, straight, middle-class, high-educated man I'm like the devil to them and they told me
    "you have no merits in being born there" that is really true but as they treat me I would like to say them that I have no guilt too
    like you know I live in the heart of the old great roman empire, like all the old world is supposed to hate me

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    Virtue signaling...

    Hard work and dedication formed our civilisation. Blacks have it better here than they do anywhere else even in Africa (where crony tinpot dictators rule). I mean, c’mon, America had a BLACK president! No other western country can say they had a black leader.
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  3. Well if it exists I wouldn't know it. I had to work my way up in my job just like everybody else, I honestly don't see any benefits for being white. Other than having everyone hate you and accuse you of being a racist but yet doing the same exact thing I'm accused of...

    Being a racist. Or is it not racist to hate white people?
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  4. And just so you know, Asians are the most successful group out of everyone in the USA. It isn't whitey, lol
  5. As a woman, I probably have the privilege of them assuming I'm on their side. But the moment I open my mouth, I'm just as bad as you. Lol I don't get any special treatment if I disagree with them.
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  6. splinter

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    it’s not racist to criticize white people because white people are not under institutionalized and systematic racism like blacks and hispanics are. their voices are suppressed and theyre ignored by the government while hunted down by the police. its not fair and it needs to end

    MLMVSS Fapstronaut

    I 100% agree with Splinter.

    Except the only thing is that these failing minority communities are OVERWHELMINGLY ran by the Left and typically by other minorities.

    So how is the Right to blame?
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  8. Oh brother. Makes perfect sense though, it's not racist because you do it. Gotcha
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    You are right, I assumed she was white. In my experience most of the people that act like that are actually white.
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    Ugh, right? The slaves died. The slavemasters died. Those are the ones who are responsible for slavery. Not their kids. I never once participated in slavery, so why should I not have an opinion for it, or why should I be blamed for it?

    This is also why reparations are a terrible idea for an event that ended over 150 years ago.
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    Well, the left has to keep the propaganda going because they don't want their voters thinking they are in control. They want people to still believe we are in the era of Jim Crow racism and slavery.
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    Why are Asians way more successful than whites?

    Because it's about culture, not about race. Japanese Americans were put in internment camps in the 1940s, but you don't hear their descendants today blaming all their problems on it.

    This incessant focus on slavery is just a convenient way for some blacks to absolve themselves of any responsibility for their own lives, to perpetually play the victim, even though they have opportunities their ancestors couldn't have imagined.

    And look, I get it--it's comfortable to be told your problems are all someone else's fault. It's painful to come to grips with your own failures and deficiencies that keep you from succeeding. But no one ever made something of their lives by playing the victim. When someone buys into the idea that society is stacked against them, what incentive do they have to even try anymore? All the victim mentality does is get a person to accept their sad lot in life, and justify their misplaced anger and rage.

    When black kids in urban public schools try to study and get good grades, they're accused of "acting white." When they speak with proper English, they're accused of "talking white." Don't tell me the lack of black achievement is chiefly due to racism, because that's BS.

    As far as I'm concerned, they can go right on ahead being angry at whites from 150 years ago and blaming their problems on slavery that they never actually had to endure. In the end, they're only hurting themselves.

    @Castielle If this woman in your writing group doesn't figure that out, she's going to go absolutely nowhere in life. Except maybe she'll become a professor at a university--they love people like her.
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  13. Two hundred years ago. The modern system is much different.
  14. It's not just being white that this woman was demonizing, though. She was also using the term "straight" as something to be seen as a negative thing. Why there's suddenly a "war" against heterosexuality is something I'll never understand. But anyway... I find it funny that she was trying to tell you that you're not allowed to have an opinion on anything involving our race, but she literally can't enforce that in the slightest. Then when you made your freedom point, instead of actually arguing back, she just tries to dismiss you. :emoji_joy:

    It's not necessarily heavily stacked against anyone, but there are clear things the races must deal with throughout their lives. Not that you were arguing the opposite, I'm just talking. For example, white people dealing with racism usually in the form of "fuck white men" and what the OP recently experienced. And speaking for myself, I can't tell you how many times I've unintentionally intimidated a white or other person with some even looking at me like I'm going to rob them.

    It's just, unlike that woman, I don't put a blanket worldview on all white people. Sucks that the writing community apparently has a lot of those types of people, although I can't say it surprises me. The video will probably get taken down anyway, though.

    EDIT: I did the same thing. I assumed the woman in question was white until I kept reading.
  15. Yeah, I don't get that either.

    Lol exactly. That kind of response does nobody any good. If you want people to actually understand that their view is wrong, telling them they aren't allowed to talk isn't going to accomplish anything. If you think they're wrong, talk to them about it. Prove them wrong. Show them in a kind way where they are not understanding. Especially if they are reasonable people. the video she was responding to about this was very reasonable, and I know the girl who made it, and she's perfectly willing to have a conversation. Other people in the comments were pointing out some areas where she was wrong, and she agreed and was willing to listen and change her mind. So... telling her she should just shut up and isn't allowed to have an opinion is going to accomplish nothing.

    Yeah, it's really annoying. But it's actually sparked some interesting conversation in our community. I'm going to make a response video today.

    Lol what? A black liberal woman telling white people they aren't allowed to have opinions? There's zero way that's getting taken down. Not that I think it should, because that's the opposite of the message of freedom of speech I'm advocating for. But yeah... no way YouTube would be interested in taking that down.
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  16. You have a YouTube channel?

    Oh, good point. YouTube does love it some liberal nonsense.
  17. Yeah, just for writing stuff

    Lol yes indeed they do.
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  18. ShadyPerson

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    For some people it's just difficult to grasp that there isn't one homogenous group for each "race" of people. Some of these people express their racism in more traditional ways, whereas others will just try to reverse the old ways of opression, never realizing that the only way to get rid of racism is to stop viewing people as representatives of their race and start seeing them as individual human beings.

    I think for instance USA still has some serious problems with racism, like the cops shooting blacks to name one, but deepening the hatred between people from different backgrounds just makes the problem worse.
  19. It's not so simple. Those old events impact the lives of people of today, sometimes to a great degree. And the net effect is undoubtedly negative for the afro descendants in usa.

    Why do you think europeans are the richest ethnic group - by a huge margin? That's because our ancestors exploited and stole from other civilizations less organized and less skilled in warfare.

    I can't say I've given enough thought to reparations specifically to say whether they're a good idea or not but brushing off any notion of compensation for past exploitation because it's "just history" is pretty short-sighted.
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  20. Evig Faith

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    No. This is a strawman argument. I’m talking about the USA, not Europe. In the USA, Jews and Asians are the richest groups, not whites. Even the average Cuban is richer than the average white.

    In the USA, blacks and Hispanics have a huge advantage of getting into college over whites and Asians, yet they are the poorest ethnicities. It’s illegal to discriminate by race, so I hardly think discrimination in the workplace is the issue towards that, especially in today’s “diversity” push.

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