I'm really sick of being told I'm responsible for slavery because I'm white

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  1. Winner82

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  2. Winner82

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    Did u ever enslave a black person or support the idea of slavery? If the answer is no then whoever try to even mildly accuse u responsible for it, u can tell he/her to fuck right off, period!
    Just because someone happen to be Russian it doesn't mean he/she is responsible for the suffering of North Korean people under Kim Jong-un.
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    Heh... One more thing: We accept being laughed at and being offended by blacks just because some retards enslaved their ancestors. If black man says something offensive to me, it's not racism cause whites did bad shit with black people? What do I have to do with it?
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    Not sure why I feel the need to point out the idiocy around the “rules” for talking about race. Nobody has written them down, and so you can really get messed up if you are not explained the moron code to have “race discussions in the us.” Thankfully I wish to clear this up, here’s your how to on race relations:

    1. A race is not what people say they are, it is what a third party describes them as. For example I could be a recent IT employee from Sri Lanka. But if to “Jim” i am dark, then he will likely mislabel me as “black”. I find it hilarious , but language plays into the small-mindedness of the 3rd party often. How many times have passengers been harassed because “Jim” though Abdul might have been a threat on an airplane. Only to find out he is a pacifist sikh, (like the protagonist in the movie hotel taj ); or where you read Of two orthodox Jews get escorted from the plane for “talking in a language other than English.”

    This brings me to the next terrible rule. Americans have been mislabeling races for hundreds of years, that’s probably going to continue as long as we keep trying to count people in a census. If I think you are injun, then you are. I don’t include the flavors of what that means. If I say I’m Persian descent you automatically think of flying carpets. That’s not my fault. That’s your fault.

    You think of haggling , tea, camels, war, etc. Why blame the stereotyped for the negative stigma that wascreated? The Indians were respected in military machines. We have tomahawk missiles, badass Apache war helicopters , and other cool war toys to honor the American natives. But we don’t have anything to honor the slaves, the indentured servants of yellow river, or the native peoples we subjugated (Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico). Maybe the kamehameha in dbz ....

    2. One drop rule. This is old archaic but exists in speech. If you had a “little bit” of black/Afro in you , then back in the day you were “all black”. Jim Crow made sure people kept this rule to ensure segregation stayed in effect. The last president abided by these same terms, which is why most people think he is black. Actually, he is a biracial African- American. He needed the Afro vote; thus he embraced.0

    3. Stereotypes are made for politicians not for statisticians.

    Not all African Americans are black. Just think about that for a minute. If you are from jo-berg and then emigrate to Seattle, you are African american. But white. not black. I can’t tell you how many people think that Spanish speakers all look a certain way, only to realize their premise was wrong. Instead of throwing the premise “all brown people are Latinos”, they call a person outside their expectation an exception. They struggle to just throw away the stereotype. There is a large group of what Americans would call “Asians “ in brasil. They are Brazilians, but visually match the Asian race profile. If you grow up with variety then making stereotypes becomes a pointless exercise. Labeling people is a waste of time. A shitty way of trying to cheat the old-fashioned method of getting to know someone.

    4. Culture is not color. Contrast will Smith with Steve Urkel. For an immigrant , first and second generations are very distinct. One is still connected to where they are from while kids of that couple have a duality and are not ingrained in the former culture.

    5. Race is not about being fair, because it never was. Race is a social construct to justify inequality not equality. What blind man feels his race keeps him down? The allowance that certain words can be said by this group but not that group confirms this. Why do blacks get to use the language of their former oppressors from +50 years ago? It’s not supposed to be fair. Those who seek to make all men equal have to restrict freedom to achieve it. There is no other way. Ask socialists, the communists, the fascists, the liberal obsession with equality is beautiful but impossible and a principal of social diminishing returns.
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  5. Infrasapiens

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    I like being not-white. I can insult people using racial slurs and it is okay.
  6. FellatiousD

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    I would try to just avoid these situations/conversations because as @Hold it in said, they really don't know what they're talking about. It's political talk, which is basically nonsense. And they're not going to let you convince them that they're wrong (most of the time) so don't bother arguing and just let them win.
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    Yeah, I wasn't aware of her insane views until we started talking. At the point when she decided I was responsible for slavery, I basically said oh, okay, you're one of those. Bye, then.
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  8. DerSchütze

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    My ancestors literally did own slaves, unfortunately I didn't inherit a Colonel Sanders plantation or anything like that.
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  9. Castielle

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    Also, though, I'm sick of being silenced by these kinds of people. They bully everyone into either agreeing with them or just shutting up, and that's exactly what my friend is trying to stop by the initial video she made about identity politics in writing. She's trying to encourage those of us who disagree with this to speak up instead of just "letting them win." Mostly when it comes to people trying to destroy freedom of speech, which is very important.

    So when I talk about these things or respond to crazy people's videos, I'm not doing it because I think the crazy person will change their mind. I'm doing it so other people will see that we don't live in an echo chamber in our writing community, and not all writers agree with all these bogus "rules."
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  10. Castielle

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    That's still not your fault. You are not your ancestors, and you are completely incapable of doing anything to stop something that happened before you were born.
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  11. DerSchütze

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    I should have mentioned my time machine, I literally did do slavery, all of it. I also did the holocaust and 9/11, sorry.
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  12. MLMVSS

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    That’s a lot of effort. I get called Hitler because I say people should keep more of their money. No time machine needed.
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  13. need4realchg

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    I have researched my own family genealogy. I am the descendant of SLAVES and contrary to the Hollywood version, the Roots culture, the truth IS MUCH MORE murkier than what today’s civil rights’ leaders suggest. In my own family :

    I have traced my family back to 1775. My family was enslaved in Virginia in the 1750, then given parcels of land where the patriarch (white) moved to the frontier state of Davy Crockett (Tennessee) after the war of 1812. The white family at its peak has 10 slaves on a 600 acre farm that was harvesting what is called Indian corn. Slave and slave owner lived side by side after emancipation, willingly for many years. During the civil war my ancestors fought the north TOGETHER.

    My great uncles were in the cavalry for the Tennessee regiment, as blacks. For the SOUTH. My 6th gen grandfather apprenticed his son to his white neighbor willingly— long before the civil war. Of course all is not roses but so what? Who gets to be a revisionist ? Most Afro Americans are sold the “hate the whitey” view because of the pockets of rascism that were televised in the south. Certainly rascism transcends national boundaries but it remains a social construct.

    I love history. I am fascinated by the reality of slavery and yet I have zero interest in blaming my family members for being part of the trade. Most slave owners were the equivalent of middle class. Very few were what you see depicted as slumlords and despots. It’s an economic experience that revolutionized 2/3 of the world. Tobacco, sugar, rum, gold, etc all are vices... imagine how cranky you would be without them? Of course today’s sugar is oil... but i digress. And it made imperial nations incredibly wealthy. It changed demographics, topography, transplanted horticulture, trees, fauna, horses and cows arrived, it produced the ultra rich class, the mixed race, and thanks to all of this, the fulfillment of the birth of a nation who developed the theory that all are born equal which shattered the Kings established way of rule for the past +1000 years.

    I love it. History—all of it, is incredible. In fact , our family history and reunions are beautiful because we accept the facts that history provides. I don’t give a damn about a presidents race and did not vote for Obama. I remember when Jesse Jackson ran for president he was just loud and angry. And frankly he still is.

    I would welcome with open arms all those who are related despite our name tag of slave-descendant owner. God would tell the Christian to do exactly that.

    The key is to appreciate truth more than “equality.”
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  14. brilliantidiot

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    That's impressive that you could trace your family that well.
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  15. need4realchg

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    I love history... it’s a healthy addiction. You can travel the world in search of your own family crest and find out a lot. If you are white it’s much easier but still enjoyable.
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  16. MLMVSS

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    I have royalty in my ancestry and heaps of the elite class up until around 400 years ago, so I guess I technically have ancestors who had subjects or slaves (depending on how you see them), but not Africans during the Slave trade (which is what I meant).

    Family history is great. It’s like finding a piece of yourself. I know a ton of Asians who are able to see 2,000 years in their history even if they weren’t royalty. My non-royal lines only go to the 1300-1400s, which is still cool.
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  17. FellatiousD

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    Let's say one of my ancestors was a murderer. Should I be put in jail? Do I have murderer genes in my blood?

    Fun fact. The Nazis killed/punished the relatives of criminals even if they had nothing to do with the crime. They called it Sippenhaft, roughly "blood guilt" or "kin liability." It was taken from old Germanic law in the middle ages. The idea was that some people have impure blood and that if one person in a family is guilty or impure, then the whole family is.

    So if someone tells you that people today are responsible for things that happened before they were born (something which makes no logical sense WITHOUT some kind of race theory), you can just compare them to the National Socialists and be justified in doing so.
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  18. FellatiousD

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    That's the spirit! Now I didn't mean to say that your only option is to let them win. I'm very passive in my interactions and I usually give ground to people instead of fighting it out, but that's just me. However I agree that in a general sense we absolutely need to fight this backwards ideology and point out its errors. There are just some social situations where I would be less adamant.
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  19. SparkySub

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    The UK is like this, apart from its not black people here that are the problem, we have managed to get on well, integrate and treat each other like human beings, but I've seen blacks in America use their skin colour to try and belittle and attack whites and then claim they aren't racist and all for equality. Islam here is our current issue. We can't criticise Islam without extreme abuse from Muslims and the left. Muslims are pulling the race card left right and centre when nobody else is, and also getting away with racist crime. Racism is a two way thing and people don't get this. It comes from every race. But my issue here is that if you follow Islam here you are automatically immune from being racist. As a white, straight man the left wing constantly belittle and attack me for even trying to oppose their ideas. We are all human beings and people forget this! Disagreeing with illegal immigration is now racist. The world has gone mad. It'd be better if everyone could get along and respect each other, all citizens were treat equally based on race and religion - but no, its never that simple.
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  20. JoeinMD

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    Don't own other people's baggage just because they can rant and rave above the rest. A loud voice doesn't make one right. There is social sin, perhaps, on both sides, and we should regret that, but those who play race cards are social sinners of today, too, and they enable their own victimhood and suppression even now.

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