I'm sceptical. Is NoFap all that it's made out to be?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by dtt1, Jun 14, 2021.

  1. dtt1

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    Like the title states, I am not sure if NoFap is as powerful as it is reported to be on some posts.

    This post is to gather some more information, this isn't to criticise anyone wanting to start or currently on their journey.

    When reading forum posts I see people claiming to have a bunch of benefits such as;
    - Extreme confidence
    - Girls having a sudden interest in you
    - Better skin
    - Decrease in anxiety

    These are just a few of the supposed benefits that people have reported. Where I start to doubt is I read a fair few forum posts suggesting that they experienced little to no benefits, certainly no where near the benefits suggested.

    I guess this post is to ask for an honest experience with this lifestyle. Did you notice an increase in confidence? did you notice that girls are suddenly more interested? did you see physical changes etc.

    I am interested in trying NoFap but I don't want to go into this journey with exaggerated expectations and ultimately feel some what disappointed.

    Thanks all.
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  2. Revanthegrey

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    I feel more confident now, the others i don't have it.
    -Another thing i notice(in base of my experience and others), you feel an interior peace when you reach the 30 days.
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  3. jos_neko_kopa

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    someone who has been fighting this for a year can tell you that my life is much better both mentally and physically. The problem arises when people think that it is enough just not to put their hand in their pants and not to watch porn, this is where a big mistake is made. Nofap alone will not change your situation, but the benefits you get from excess dopamine will. At the very least, you will be the same as you were before you entered the world of PMO, when your brain was not poisoned and when you spent time on something better. The story for more self-confidence, better looks is true, but we return to the beginning. You have to replace bad things with good ones, when you stop doing something bad then it has to get better in that place. Dedicate your time to training, spiritual progress (if you are religious), studying anything, reading beautiful books ... I know you've read this 1000 times but it works like that, you have nothing to lose because if you already had something to lose, you lost. So now you can only be at a profit, and I guarantee you will not repent. I apologize in bad English.
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  4. todolist

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    In order to quit porn, you have to change so many things in your life. Routine, Health, Outlook, honesty with oneself etc. All of these things on their own have benefits, but combined along with abstinence from porn, the effects can be dramatic (in a good way). I think it all depends on the individual and your relationship with porn before you start. If like me you are a serious addict who used porn every day and escalated to more and more extreme content, the feeling of freedom is undeniable and the journey to quit is SO hard, that there is a tremendous feeling of accomplishment every time I go to bed clean.
    Really I think of this forum less as a 'porn addicts anonymous' type space, and more of a 'be a better human being' space. Changing your life in order to quit something that is so automatic and accepted in our modern society that most people see nothing wrong with it, is hard. REALLY hard, but that's what life is about. Doing the things that are difficult because they give us meaning.

    Personally I still have anxiety, I am still awkward with women and I still struggle to stay productive and organized. But I can say for the first time in years I am working to be a better person and see improvements every day. My skin is better, not because of some 'semen retention voodoo', but rather because I keep better care of my appearance now I have aspirations. Women notice me more, not because theirs some pheromone that comes after 12 days of no porn, but because meditation and exercise have improved my posture and I stand taller, looking into peoples eyes because I'm not ashamed of the filth saved on my computer. This is really what people mean when they describe 'superpowers'.

    I guarantee you that all those people who say they have no 'benefits' would still say that the journey to quit porn is 100% worth it. I'm not superman (yet) but I am a totally different person to when I started this - and you can be too.
  5. In itself, no. Nothing ever is. The way people bullet point benefits is like selling points to me, and while people may understandably get excited a lot more goes into it if it's a lifestyle.

    You can try it for however long, there is no need to have expectations - ever. In addiction recovery, and for context NoFap in many ways is like "recovery light" they say expectations are premeditated resentments. So not only might one be disappointed, they might kind of hate on the community, come back and say this is BS etc.

    I would say what NoFap does is open a door, and if you walk through that door it makes it possible for other things to improve - but is not a guarantee. In that sense you have to discover that for yourself.

    I see you also got replies to the other thread from Wednesday, you have a lot of replies to read so I guess we'll hear wait to hear more from you.
  6. ElSabio

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    A lot of the hype is way over the top. I experienced something like the attraction talked about but I think it was mostly the way I was viewing women not like porn girls. I do feel more relaxed and confident but I'm not like a turbo-chad now or anything. Rebooting cured my ED, which was the reason I started, and I'm really happy that I started Nofap. It's not magic but it is a very good thing to do.
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    My nagging doubts I had for a while ever since discovering nofap is it doesn't have any real lasting long-term effect. From my observation, too many had found themselves worse than when they started off even after many years of successful abstinence from pmo. (As it did for myself.) At first, it felt like a step in the right direction but after many failed attempts I have come to discern the method is flawed. In the sense, that it doesn't directly take care of the underlying issue that lead to pmo. So that deep urge continues to persist somewhere in the back of your head. Just waiting to manifest itself & perhaps in a different form. To put it in short perspective, you're always hacking at the leaves, instead of digging at roots.
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