I'm sick of this

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  1. I'm so sick of this filth.

    I don't care if it takes a hundred tries, I'm quitting for good. I'm not living the rest of my life an addict. I'm tired of shame making me awkward and anxious in every interaction. I want to live my life as I was supposed to.

    I hold nothing but contempt for those that produce and market pornography. The prey on innocent, unaware masses and profit off child trafficking and recorded rapes.

    I wish you all the best in this fight. You are loved. If any of you ever need an ear, I have one to spare. Best of wills to you.
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    Profoundly disturbing industry.

    Nice intentions.

    I find myself repulsed like you but I also think the industry is so mammoth and elaborate one simply cannot point at it and say they market that rape and child exploitation are acceptable or I mean it is like they have lawyers and they don't have lawyers though if they are filming rape and child exploitation how does that work.

    I guess feeling hate towards anyone won't really help you or them so I would suggest focusing on your recovery and let the tyrants get punished by those in authority if they ever may.

    Also I suppose if you know some that do profit off trafficking and rape that is pretty disturbing nice that you raise awareness. I do assume trafficking and rape are part of the mainstream industry but like it is gross enough to me to be considered filth even if all consentful. I mean even if it isn't gross it is fake and shallow.
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  3. "the industry is so mammoth and elaborate one simply cannot point at it andsay they market that rape and childexploitation are acceptable"

    I agree yeah. I was very upset when I wrote this, and I know that not ALL porm is that vile. But I think even the fact that we're having this conversation about it speaks the porn industry. I'd love to hear more of youtlr thoughts if you don'r mind.

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