I'm so CLOSE to blocking all pornography! I NEED HELP WITH ONE THING!

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Nautica, Jul 5, 2021.

  1. Nautica

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    If your going to tell me "Use will power instead bro" please don't even bother posting in here. In 7 years I've never made it too any meaningful streaks while doing everything possible to build willpower and discipline with 0 success. At this point I just need block any access too porn

    With google family link I've been able to block safe mode on my phone. Also with family link I can block all pornography and search/image results in google chrome. I can also just manually type in the names of all the other search engines and block them as well to filter out pornographic images if the filter doesn't work with them like it does with google images.

    Ontop of that I've gotten rid of my wifi, router and modems ac cables and everything so I can't power them on therefore blocking all wifi in my apartment. When my new roommate moves in and wants to use wifi, in August, i'm going to tell him to never give me the password under any circumstance whatsoever.

    So I you'd think I'd be fine, but NO. I still have data plan on my phone, I don't need wifi to pmo Since family link blocks all porn on my Android, I can simply turn on my phone's hotspot and then use it with my computer to access porn.

    I tried using porn and app blockers to block my settings app that way I cant turn on my hotspot but they're all trash and easy to get around.

    I'd just switch to using a dumb phone without internet access and just buy a separate gps for going places but I literally need a smartphone because of my damn job. I drive for amazon and I need groupme for all the drivers and dispatch and I need another app that tracks all my stops, so I can't get rid of this goddamn phone.

    Is there any way I can block this damn hotspot!?

    I forgot to mention I could just get rid of my computer, but man that's an absolute last, LAST resort because I need my computer to record my electric guitar and synth keyboard, without that I can't work on my music which is one of my major goals and dreams in life
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  2. 99 days streak

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    There is a wifi antenna in laptop and PC, you will need to bring your computer to computer repair services and ask them to remove it for you. You can also do it by yourself but I don't recommend it, just left this kind of stuff to the professionals.

    Btw how can you block porn using Google family? I have the trouble of peeking porn A LOT lately and I also want to get rid of all the temptations on the internet.

    P/S: Oops, I totally forgot the computer can be connected to the hotspot by a USB cable. In this case, you must throw away all cables and use a wireless charger instead.
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  3. Tuscarora Rover

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    The problem is you can also just look at the phone screen and relapse as well. I think the answer is to get an iPhone and use the screentime setting with the highest blocking (all but specified websites). That is how I can use this website, but am entirely unable to access the general web. I have also allowed a few other websites for my hobbies which are clean websites. This is only possible if you have a friend or family member set up your security passcode for Screentime, however. Mine is my wife
  4. Nautica

    Nautica Fapstronaut

    I've decided To just get rid of my computer. Hopefully after 6 months i'lll be recovered enough to buy another one and record my music.

    So heres how I blocked all porn and safe mode on my android using family link

    Step 1: Download the family parent app, and the family link teens and kid app off the playstore

    Step 2: Use a throaway email as the parent account and your primary email as the child account

    Step 3: Set up family link and follow the instructions

    Step 4: After set up you wont be able to edit any parental settings through google chrome as you wont be able to sign into the parent account, however you can sign into the parent account on other browsers, so delete any other browsers that arent google chrome. If you dont have a computer or laptop or access to a public library than dont quite do this yet because there are some settings you'll have to change with family link through the parent account.

    Step 5: Go to manage your google account with the parent account

    -Put safe search for google on
    -You can either choose to block every single search engine and gray area potential pornographic websites like reddit, or you can block the entire internet and whitelist/approve websites that you need or arent pornographic. I chose to just go with the whitelisting option because it was going to be a pain blocking every single search engine in existence besides google.
    -Turn off the option for yourself to add or remove users. This way you cant add and use guest accounts or other users.
    -Make sure you delete all other browsing apps except google chrome. Make sure you also delete apps that have built in browsers like snapchat, outlook etc. as you can use them to cheat and sign into the parent account through google as family link only works with chrome.
    -Next your going to need to delete the google playstore so make sure you have all important apps you need. To do this follow the steps in this video because the playstore is a system app and cannot be uninstalled normally.

    - For using adb to uninstall system apps like the google playstore

    For installing adb drivers on windows 10

    Finally, go back to your parental control settings and disable developer options and disable "allow to install unkown apps"(this way you cant download another browser through an APK website despite not having the playstore")

    Make sure you've whitelisted every needed website and fixed all your settings before finally deleting the playstore and other browsers, than getting rid of your computer and other online usuable electronics.

    Safe mode is automatically blocked by family link, although it takes about 15-30minutes for it to kick in so dont panic if it still works after setting up family link, it'll kick in soon. Also reset your phone a few times.

    This is how you completely block all porn on an android device by using family link.

    Oh and I forgot. When you make that throwaway email make the password super complicated so that you wont remember it. You dont want to remember it because you will be able too simply go to accounts in your phone settings ad remove the parent account and child account off your phone, ending family link by entering the parent account password.
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  5. Nautica

    Nautica Fapstronaut

    I was thinking about switching to an iphone but I've figured out how to finally block all porn on android although it requires alot of steps but its well worth it. Even if i got an iphone It wouldnt matter since I could just use the hotspot to access porn on my computer, or gaming devices.
  6. Aristophanes01

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    Bro on PC you can use Cold Turkey Blocker (PRO) version (I have it's crack if you want I can give it you or provide the link ) that app is the best enable, it is then impossible to open anything of that sort of on your computer (I feel that you are pretty well versed with tech so you could easily go through the set up and how to use that app but if you need help you can message me) I am personally using it and it's the best you can't even uninstall or do anything on it, Personally I am the self sabotaging type so I try to find ways to bypass that block and everytime I have found ways but on cold turkey pro I haven't found one till now and my itch to find one has for the first time started to finish which is amazing, I personally use it to block YouTube as I am trying to detox myself from highly dopamine inducing sites. I hope it works for you to, Peace ☮️✌️
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  7. muellermilk

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    Thank you for sharing your experience. I'm also protected by Family Link. Furthermore I have Kaspersky Safe Kids installed.
  8. sh0gun

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    Hey man, you should try Covenant Eyes.

    It's an app/program that blocks everything, and you have to give the password to an accountability partner so that you can't go in and change it yourself

    It costs $16 a month but if you know other people on NoFap you can get a group to use it so that its only like $4 a month for four of you.
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  9. muellermilk

    muellermilk Fapstronaut

    Thank you! I also considered to use Covenant Eyes. But I don't have an accountability partner. If you have a trustable buddy, Covenant Eyes is a pretty good solution, though.
  10. mgmgmg

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    For Android, it's so easy to bypass google family link
  11. greatchinaski

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    Hey, if you're looking for an accountability partner with Covenant Eyes send me a message.
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  12. greentide2021

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    Hey man
    im using focusme as you suggested. I am using a super long 45 character password (all numbers) that is impossible to remember. I save it on a website (dropbox) that i have blocked access to. So the only way i have access to the password is if i go to the public library and login to my dropbox and get the password. Then I use it quickly if i have to change a setting on my computer and then lock it back up again with the password.
    I use the whitelist function on focusme - everything is blocked by default except the websites i add to the allow list. for example. mailgooglecom, accountsgooglecom but not googlecom.

    I use 2 apps. one is called AppLock - Fingerprint by SpSoft. You can set a long 45 character password that is impossible to remember and use the system I have above. You can block any app including Settings.

    Another app is called Sandbox Web Browser by Float. It has a whitelist option, blocks all websites except the ones you want. BETTER THAN FOCUSME BECAUSE IT DOESNT BLOCK ANYTHING EMBEDDED IN YOUR WHITELISTED SITES. So if you have a Education site that has education youtube videos embedded, it wont block these videos. FocusMe will block them.

    You can also HDMI out your phone using an MHL type c cord (amazon) for $30. it charges ure phone while HDMI outing. Then you can use it like a computer and access those whitelisted websites with the embedded youtube or other embedded sites working. You can make your own custom youtube embedded sites using github.

    Aspect ratio and specs on android phones can be not ideal when hdmi outing. using a high power android tablet with the above set up gives u a great option. add a bluetooth keyboard and mouse and you are good to go.
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  13. BoraxKarloff

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    Man, I feel so lucky I have almost never used my phone for looking at naked girls. Don't know why. It's all laptop and iMac for me.

    Good luck and may I quote my guitar teacher, a master jazz player who performs all over the world?

    "I don't want to see that capo again. Learn to play in every key."

    Those words changed my life!
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