I'm so stressed out!!

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  1. nopenotdoinit!

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    I'm so stressed out. Really. It's ridiculous. I've been like this for probably a few weeks before I started my streak. I think it is because I knew I'd be taking it to the next level with this streak.
    Now, the stress is has been varying, but mostly staying high for the past month and a half. I have a lot of stuff to do for my job and my life. I would normally turn to some generally negative stress lowering activity (PMO and/or binge drinking, energy drinks) to even out my mood. Obviously, these, ESPECIALLY PMO, is no longer an option. In general though, I have so much to do and so little time, so if any stress lowering activities that do not take up too much time in the day can be suggested to me, that would be absolutely friggin wonderful.
    As always, any advice would be greatly appreciated as well.
    Thank you all in advance.
  2. Awakening123

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    Stress was always #1 reason for my relapses. The heart races fast and your mind goes into negative thinking and it always tell you to sit on computer and relax for a little while which eventually leads to watching porn and a relapse. So always remember that this stress is one of the withdrawals and it's temporary.

    What helped me during these stressful times was working out ( or just jog a little if you don't have enough time), meditation for 10-15 min (meditate on calm music on youtube if meditating alone seems difficult), listening to calming music etc. Good luck!

    Forgot to add this: I am taking serotonin enhancer from amazon; it helps with sleep and keeping you calm.

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  3. nopenotdoinit!

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    Mhm ok. Yes I've been an avid meditator for quite some time now. I became inconsistent for a while cuz I was too stressed to force myself to sit. Perhaps I will make it more consistent again.
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  4. Awakening123

    Awakening123 Fapstronaut

    You can do walking meditation if sitting feels like impossible. There are plenty of walking meditation tutorial on youtube.
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  5. nopenotdoinit!

    nopenotdoinit! Fapstronaut

    I do love to walk. That's one of the biggest stress relievers. So i will most certainly try that.
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  6. Alex@Mars

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    Dude, like the same thing is happening to me! I used PMO to relax me from my VERY stressful life. Ill let you know how I try to deal with it. Try to lay down in bed and clear your head. Think of yourself as a tiny speck in the universe. Then deeply inhale and exhale. U may do this in an area that does not remind u of pmoing. Maybe the living room. This works for me. I hope you find it helpful. :)
  7. Physicist

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    The reason why i have gone as far as i have gone now is mainly because i m retraining myself to respond to stress positively. This means writing my goals down and taking one action towards them, whatever it is :)
  8. adam1992

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    I would suggest cold showers at least once daily. Also, try to stay away from anything that makes u angry or you wanna fight like some music.
    Good luck man!
  9. kk76

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    Whatever you need to do the only focus is the first thing on the list. That helps me a great deal.

    Also knowing you can't do everything, if it gets done then great and if it doesn't then great. You are a human with limitations.

    Look at how much you are doing and ask what is essential and can some of it wait or do you need to do it at all.

    If you are feeling stress by having too much to do then listen to what your body is telling you
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  10. Porn Free Wanderer

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    Any form of exercise will help. Just let out the anger and work on your body at the same time. Even if it's just getting on the floor and doing 10 push ups.

    And as someone else already said, breaking down your list of tasks into smaller chunks and only concentrating on the first one will help a lot -- and probably make you more productive.
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  11. nopenotdoinit!

    nopenotdoinit! Fapstronaut

    Thanks everybody.
    I have been writing down my to do's on a list. That does seem to help clarify some things.
    I'll try the other techniques and see which ones really work for me. The spontaneous work out exercises seem like a good idea. Just a good and healthy way to channel the frustrations
    and built up pressure.
  12. ccml

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    I'm stressed and can't sleep.
    Too tired to work out or do my stuff.
    I'm dying.

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