I'm starting a group called C90

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  1. It's a 90 day challenge starting tomorrow. All ages welcome.

    Me : I'm 48 and I live on the east coast of the United States.
    I'm into positive psychology (Tony Robbins, Dr Joe Dispenza, etc) and to me this is a conditioning & habit problem that can and will be reversed by re-conditioning the mind to change old habits into new, better and healthier habits and lifestyle.

    Sign up now and let's get this thing rolling.
    Merry Christmas
  2. It’s conditioning plus having a higher meaning and being able to have a meaning for our suffering.

    We can’t just use willpower, so you are right in the conditioning part.

    But there is also another part of our psyche, and by reframing what suffering means and why we suffer we can stop the otherwise of addiction.

    Stay strong, count me in on your group
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  3. AEC Josh2415

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    I like a challenge. I'm ready to spend some time digging deeply into who I am, and excising those parts of myself with which I can no longer live. Are there readings?
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  4. weekbyweek

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    Count me in!
  5. stunt169

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    Count me in on the group!
  6. I'm in!!
  7. the_warrior19

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    I'm in!!
  8. Hey guys Merry Christmas!!!!
    Great responses and I'll respond to each and provide more detail early in the am once Christmas is behind us.
    As this is officially day 1 I hope you all made it thru ok and had a nice holiday.
    I am inspired by the number of responses and look forward to working together!!
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  9. hold152

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    Hey everyone, it sounds like there is something great going on here. Would it be possible for me to join this group?
  10. Hello, please count me in also!

  11. Hello HailCeasar,
    Thank you for responding along with your thoughts on conditioning and higher meanings. I value your contribution to this thread and to the C90 group as a whole.
    One thing I didn't state up front was, as I have my beliefs & methods for how I am addressing this problem, I openly respect all other beliefs & methods even if I don't agree with them. I openly welcome other opinions, methods, techniques etc on addressing the problems we face. I don't believe there's one cure for everyone and clearly see that what might work for some might not work for others.
    There was a time when I was fully involved in 12 step meetings for addiction and firmly believed that was the answer. I later found it wasn't the answer for me but I respect that it is for many and I welcome those who do.
    I am very focused on conditioning as a whole and feel for me that is the right path. I welcome discussion on that as well as other related topics.
    We agree on conditioning and yes we need a higher meaning. We need to know our why's and we need to know them so well that it's constantly in our vision. Our why's keep us on track, our conditioning programs us to make the right choices.
    I'm not clear where you talk about suffering though. I'm all for reframing our meanings and see that as a powerful tool but I'm not clear on the 'why we suffer' part. I look forward to further discussing this with you.

    Take care.
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  12. I totally agree with you, hopefully we can expand our conversations in this group and we all can learn more,

    Keep staying strong bro and keep staying strong all that are in this thread.
  13. TheBestMe

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    Also mid-40s secular east coast male, here. This is my second attempt after aborted try two years ago. I like your approach and I need a group. May I join?
  14. I would like to join this group. How do I?
  15. Dares Greeneye

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    :emoji_busts_in_silhouette::emoji_busts_in_silhouette: It would be nice to be part of some NoFap group in NoFap community. :emoji_busts_in_silhouette::emoji_busts_in_silhouette:
    I will join, if I may :emoji_thumbsup:
  16. Welcome aboard!! I'm going to be updating this thread with content as we go along. I've no planned readings but i'm sure they'll show up. Feel free to contribute or if you want to send me directly before hand that's ok as well.
    Thank you
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  17. Awesome Welcome aboard!
  18. Absolutely you can join, welcome aboard!
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  19. Welcome aboard, you don't need to do anything, I've added you and I'll have an update shortly on what the plans are.
  20. Absolutely, welcome aboard, great to have you. First attempt, second attempt, 7 millionth attempt... counts dont matter. This is a lifestyle change (from the old one we created) to something better. We all want a better life and how many times we've tried is not relevent. You are already changing by being here and working towards your goals. It's a journey and even when we feel we've taken a step back or failed, we have not! Not by any means have we gone backwards. Every step is part of the journey called life and we can look at everything as a lesson for us not something that happens to us. I look forward to having you in this group!
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