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  1. Welcome to C90 Day 43. I see that I did 2 day 41's and skipped day 42.

    Sometimes it hard to keep track.

    Feeling good today, much different than yesterday's work anxiety. I'm not sure what spawned that but it happens.

    Life happens for us, not too us!!

    That's a perception which I find very inspirational. It's a mindset, a shift change, a perspective.

    When you look at it the opposite way, there doesn't seem to be any way that you can win. Not that it's about winning vs losing but if you say life happens to us and look at all the "bad" things that'll happen or can happen, you'll never get out of your own way. You'll constantly be under the gun and have zero reason to do anything.

    In discussions I've had with people who question the purpose of positive thinking, people often see it as a fake, cheesy thing that doesn't actually work. What most don't understand is that part of getting into a positive mindset is to get you into action and to be in a better mindset to tackle the hard things that face you.

    If you're being slammed with life things that are difficult and emotionally tasking, how you perceive them will ultimately affect how you'll handle them. If you take a negative aspect, you'll be in such a worse spot to get thru it vs not. If you can switch your mindset, you'll be in a better place to get thru it, learn from it and maybe even enjoy it.

    Now I understand there are life events that are very overwhelming and serious. Someone dies and you're not going to throw some positive mantra at it. That's not appropriate or respectful. There are serious life events but for about 95% of what my mind wants to complain about and be afraid of, they're perfect for a mindset shift.

    There are time and places for it but it works for 95% of what I percieve as "stress".

    Have a great day everyone!!
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  2. Welcome to C90 Day 44

    I'm reading an awesome book on habits called Atomic Habits by James Clear.

    If you've read or heard of another habits book called The Power of Habits by Charles Duhigg then this is like part 2.

    Its really good and really applies to our battle against addiction.

    A part that sticks out is about identity. Do you identify as someone who looks st porn? Is it part of who you are? Have you ever said anything like "I watch porn, it's just who i am, I'll try to stop but I know eventually I'll come back to it."
    Then that's your identity and your subconscious will do anything to keep you where you think you should be.

    All hope is not lost. You can change your identity. You do so by deciding what you want to he and acting like that. That's the 10,000 foot view. The book goes into more specific details that I wont covered here.

    Its definitely worth the read, i highly recommend it.
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  3. Welcome to C90 Day 45!!!!
    Half way thru!!!

    Who knew it would take so long Haha.

    All good things !!!

    This is certainly different than I had anticipated. But I like the obligation and commitment.

    In this group and X90 I've seen alot of people come and go. So many have contacted me asking to join and never heard from again.

    The commitment is part of the discipline and the journey. Most are not ready. Most will spend years figuring it out. Its difficult to explain to young people where p will take you if you let it.

    I wish everyone the best of luck. There are many roads to the same place.

    Let's start the next 45!!!
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  4. Welcome to C90 Day 46!!

    Another day on the journey. I'm taking a mental day off because work stress is building up. I just had an urge to look at something and decided to do this instead. Decisions !!!! We all make them. I know I'll get more satisfaction out of writing this and reading some on this forum than I will if I looked at p.

    Here I get to hopefully help people. I get to express myself. I get to ask for help. I get to confide with others who have the same struggle. I get to fulfill my need of contribution and I get to do something that is much more healthy.

    If I chose P I would be hurting myself, I'd be focused on myself in a selfish way, I'd be hurting my relationship, I'd be hurting my gf, I'd be ignoring others who might benefit from what I contribute, I'd be re-enforcing a bad habit, I'd be supporting an industry I despise, I'd be hurting women who are slaves in that industry, I'd be contributing to the destruction of another persons life, I'd be making someone richer, I'd be making myself poorer emotionally and financially and I'd be lining myself up for one hell a dosage of shame and guilt.

    Which one is better?

    Have a great day everyone!!
  5. It’s hard to believe we have made it this far. I’m excited to continue the journey and continue in victory each day. Thank you everyone for the support.
  6. Great to hear from you Seeker17, glad you excited for the journey, I hope to see you in the next 45 days!!
  7. Welcome to C90 Day 47!!!

    I'm going to mirror what I said in my X90 update...

    I read this good post by James Clear, the author of the book I'm reading about Habits, where he talks about how long it takes to create a habit. Here is the posting. What we're trying to do by creating a new habit can take as little as 21 days or 8 months. The really good news I took from that is where said, if you miss a day it doesn't reset you back to 0.

    So every time we relapse, we might reset our counter but we're not resetting building a new habit. We're still moving just as we were on that journey. He does mention that it's best to have 1 miss rather than 2 misses in a row.

    Anyway, hope that helps. Have a great day everyone!!
  8. Thanks! I’m going to keep on truckin!!
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  9. Welcome to C90 Day 48!!!!

    Yesterday for the most part sucked. I was not in a good place mentally for most of the day. Lifes been throwing lots of challenges at me lately. I want to say I'm failing miserably but I'm not. I'm handling them. I want to handle them better, I dont wany to fight myself on p during these moments but I'm not failing miserably.

    I'm learning alot. I'm getting stronger. I'm getting better. Every damn day!!!!

    You are too no matter your position. It's how you look at things. If you feel you are failing miserably then look for and find something good about what you are doing. It's there, it's always there.
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  10. Welcome to C90 Day 49!!!

    The book I'm reading (Atomic Habits) says goals are great but systems are better because they define how you'll get to your goals.

    We can all say, I want to be pmo free but what is your system to obtain that?

    Focus on that and you'll reach your goal.
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  11. Welcome to C90 Day 50 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    What a momentous day in this threads life. It's been 50 days since Christmas. Are you giving yourself the gift of a p free life? Do you want to? Are you having trouble? Are you figuring out what works and what does not? Are you enjoying your journey? Are you grateful for your journey.

    Whatever you want to feel you can. It's a decision. Everything is a decision that you get the privilege of making.
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  12. Welcome to C90 Day 51!!!!

    Great day so far and I've only been awake about an hour. In that hour I've beaten the urge to look at p, I went happy instead of grumpy, I realized I have enough time for everything and what doesn't get done is ok, I focused on gratitude and all the incredibly awesome things in my life.

    How about you? Are you having a great day too?
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  13. Welcome to C90 Day 52!!!

    Doing a bunch of Valentine's say stuff today. I wish I planned better haha. No urges today, been too busy.

    If you looked at the world as All communication is a loving response or a cry for help, how would that help you deal with people?
  14. Welcome to C90 Day 53!!

    I almost forgot to post today, that's unusual. I've been busy today and it slipped my mind.

    It's interesting because I came here now to browse instead of browsing for not P but something close. Or as my mind would say "It's not P" yet I know it's not healthy.

    The desire is still there yet I'm choosing to redirect my focus and energy to something else. It's not easy and I've failed thousands of times.

    I've tried thousand of different things. If you're just starting out, keep in mind that what you know and what you'll try will likely be alot different than the thing that you find works for you in the long run. We change, we learn, we adapt.

    I still feel like I've got alot to learn and alot of reconditioning my mind.

    Every day is part of the journey. I'm grateful for this site and how much it's helped me.

    I hope you feel the same.
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    Well then I’m going for month mark with you since I’m late to the party. Great job dude!!
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  16. Good luck man, I hope you make it
  17. Welcome to C90 Day 54!!!!

    6 days to 60!!!!

    I just made the choice to not look at p. Literally 5 mins ago. It was difficult. It wasnt even p but something that would simulate me. I'm counting this win.

    What if your goal was to get to 100 wins?

    Everytime you choose not too (where you obviously could and normally would) you count that as a win and put it in a book or page or something you could review later.

    You review this page every day thinking about the various wins you had with pride. The goal would be to get to 100.

    I might try to get that going!!

    Have a great day!!!
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    Starting the journey Day: 0/365 [Hard Mode]
    Let's Hope for the best!;)

  19. Welcome to C90 Day 55!!!

    Going good today, was challenging day yesterday. Today I've a cold so not much is on my mind. That'll kill any pmo urges.

    I see a day when these urges fade away and my decisions are solid. I feel like it's close.
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