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    Hey man, first off thanks for letting me join man. I genuinely appreciate it cause I've suffered from porn addiction for a few years and have battled it silently and now to be able to relate to others on a platform is an amazing feeling. So thank you man, I appreciate it.

    I'm hoping to hard reset my brain and break free from porn. I'm 19 and i've been watching and beating my meat to porn since I was 11 and its just kinda ruined my life. I've noticed watching porn excessively made it hard for me to concentrate on studies and be my best self. I just want to have a great year and do a 360 on my life. Currently I'm just trying to use my willpower to stop my self from watching porn and also just looking at the positive effects of nofap and trying to keep motivated by telling myself I will gain this 'super power' if i stop beating my meat . I did nofap previosuly for like 6 weeks and it was honestly one of the best times of my life, so self reflecting and looking back is helping me keep focused. I just have to power through the first 4/5 days cause I always seem to relapse around this stage.

    Sorry if I rambled on!
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    me too from today
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  3. Hey bailey,
    Its great to hear your story, thanks for sharing it. You're doing awesome!!

    I suggest you make nofap a study like your school studies. You're young now and its having an impact on your life. You may say its ruined your life but to be quite honest, it's only had a negative effect upon your life.
    You are still breathing and living which are two huge positives in my mind. You have the rest of your life to turn this around and you will.
    Make this a study like any other class but with much higher stakes at hand.
    Focus on it every day and understand you'll have ups and downs, good days and bad. Know the meaning of each is all within your control.
    By studying this you'll get to know yourself better which imo is critical in facing this issue.
    Ask for help, you've done great here but keep asking, keep participating, ask questions and most importantly never quit!!!
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  4. Welcome to C90 Day 6!!!!

    Almost a week old, very exciting!!!

    I was on kik yesterday which is new to me. Theres wany too much porn there!!! I didnt indulge!!!! But woke up today with my brain being curious about what I could find.

    Then I remembered... I AM AWESOME!!! I love myself and I've got this!!!
    Then I remembered... THAT THOUGHT IS A LIE!!!!
    Then I remembered... this group and how I'm accountable.
    Then I remembered... hey, when I feel urges, I can come here and help people and read other peoples stories and feel so much better.

    ITS ALL WORKING!!! My diabolical plan is working!!!!!

    Porn is diabolical, porn companies are diabolical, human traffickers are diabolical and ##%$$^ evil. I know I am better than that but i can be diabolical in order to reach MY GOALS!!!! At least for this one I can.

    I've a ton more to say but I'm on my phone so I'll get to that later.
    Todays Sunday, what a great day to focus on gratitude!!!
    I had a coach once that made me write down 5 things per day to be grateful for and I could never repeat any. You need to be super granular in order not to repeat. It's a great exercise, try it.

    Have a great day, I look forward to your comments and hearing about how things are going.

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    Thank you so much for inspiring me man! I'll definitely take your advice on board and study nofap more. Appreciate it dawg!
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  6. Aquaman sucks, Spiderman awesome!!!

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  7. I'm sitting here thinking why do I feel like having some dopamine? I had a great day, a great family day, everything is great.

    Then it hit me, in the past this has been a time when I did that. I'm alone, families tucked in, up late watching tv.

    But here I go again, breaking my habit, coming here to post, reading others stories and hardship and feeling compassion.

    I'm gonna practice my affirmations, change my state and feel $%##% grateful I'm not going down that road tonight. Tomorrow I wake up to day 7 !!!
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  8. Welcome to C90 Day 7!!!!!!!!

    1 freaking week WOOO HOOOO!!!!!!

    I hope you're celebrating like I am.

    Regardless if you've made 7 days or not, give yourself a pat on the back for showing up. If you're here now you are doing something right. In fact, if you're reading this, reply to this with you're status, let's do a check in.

    Today, in addition to being grateful and writing down things to be grateful for, let's write down Why we are doing this.

    Make a list of Why's that has every possible reason you can think of
    Can you think of 10? 20? 50? Even 100?

    If you wrote this list down and read it every day over the course of the 90, you'd reinforce your mental strength and commit these to long term memory. Youd have these reasons in your memory for easy recall which would be really awesome to have during that moment when you've decided that granny p is really hot and you're going all in.

    We all have good reasons Why, we just sometimes forget them.

    Have a great day today, make it count!!!

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    This is a great thread - really want to be on top of a PM 90-day challenge.
    First attempt ever, 31 Dec 2018.
    All the best for 2019 all!
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    Good luck bro!!! You got this!
  11. Checking in and doing well still. Thankful for another opportunity to beat this monster.
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  12. Happy New Year everyone!!!
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  13. Hey dude, welcome aboard!!! Great to hear from you, what do you hope to get out of this?
  14. Thanks man, good luck with your goals, you can do it!!!
    Keep checking in here, it helps everyone when you do.
  15. Great to hear from you, hope 2019 is your year, actually I know it will be!!!
  16. Welcome to C90 Day 8!!!!!

    2019!!!!! That is awesome!!!!!!

    What better way to start the new year than to be free from P. Whether you have zero days or 1000 days, only today matters. Only right here, right now, this very moment matters.

    Slowly breathe in... pause..... slowly breath out. There, you have a moment free from pmo. If you did that, then you are truly capable of putting together as much time as you want.

    Try that again, but close your eyes and visualize the air coming in your nose going down your throat and into your lungs. Feel your chest rise and visualize the sacks in your lungs inflating like a million little balloons. Feel your heart beating, think about your heart slowing down.
    Hold for 5 seconds then release. Slowly exhale, feel your chest collapse, think about the balloons deflating, visualize the air coming out of your lungs thru your throat and out your mouth. When all the air is gone hold for 5 seconds then release.

    You've just had another moment free from pmo and you meditated. Do a few more of those moments, start by stringing together a few at a time then a few more and a few more.
    When you think about the breath and your mind wanders bring it back to focusing on the breath.

    Practice like anything else and you'll get better. Do 10-20 mins a day and you'll feel incredible and your life will change.

    Look up box breathing. That's 5 seconds in, hold 5, 5 seconds out, hold 5 and then sheet over. All thru the nose.

    Our minds race, this is how we learn to slow it down.

    Good luck to you my friends, make 2019 the year of years, make it "the year" you made things different. Throw away the doubts, you can do this. I dont even know you but I know you can do this!!!
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    I would like to join. If it isn't too late
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  18. Hey welcome aboard man, tell me what you're looking to get out of this?
  19. Well here we are, the end of 1/1/19 and 8 days in. Tomorrow will be 9 then we roll to 10. I see days as blocks of 10 so the first block is close to being complete.

    It was a great day, a little self induced stress but otherwise ok. As I was sitting here I felt the urge to go to instagram and look at some stuff from my feed. My feed is pretty clean but @#$# leaks thru and it's not smart enough to stop it all. I do know that for real my brain is trying hard to see something, anything to get that fix even if its not P. That's the trick it tries to pull on you, it pushed and drives you to just get anything, a tiny bit of anything related to get that chemical reaction.

    It's not evil, it's not the devil, it's just chemicals, habits and conditioning. We're in the process of creating new neural pathways for ourselves. We're re-training our brain to do something else. We still need that chemical reaction but we need to find a way to do it in healthy ways instead of what we've been doing.

    Sleep calls me now despite what my brain thinks it wants.

    Until tomorrow!!
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