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  1. Welcome to C90 Day 9!!!!

    For some of us it's a return to work or school and the regular patterned lifestyle we are used too. For some of us that's good and others not so much. Some of us welcome it back.

    Whatever your situation is be it good or bad, how you view it is all within your control. The battle against porn is tough but its driven by emotions. If you decide to take control of your emotions then you've automatically won the porn war.

    Taking control is arguably is misnomer because some feel it's more about managing than controlling though managing is a form of control.

    In any case, emotions are at the root of this problem. We use porn to escape the feeling we are feeling in the moment.

    Learning more about yourself and your emotions will help you in a big way in many aspects of life, not just the management of sex in your life.

    Make today great my friends!!!
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  2. chickaan

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    Phenomenally put into words! I keep coming back to this thread to maintain positivity and encouragement to continue (even though I am only about to hit 2nd day in lol) - haven't had any desire to go over the edge of the flat earth just yet but you are totally right in self discipline being key to achieving the primary goal.
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  3. Raymond666

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    May I join the group?
  4. Cool man, glad you like it. Dont get caught up on the days so much. We are all relearning how to live life without p. Few hit it out of the park on the first try. Keep at it, it's a learning process.
  5. Sure man, welcome aboard.
  6. Raymond666

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    Thank you fellow,

    In a few hours I'll be 21 days without jerking off. Strange, we meet each other so often. I'd love to join your group. Then do you start counting?
  7. Raymond666

    Raymond666 Fapstronaut

    I'm since long time without P, but I want to learn self discipline. I also want to learn to get a normal healthy sexlife. You and I talked privately before.
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  8. Coolyorky

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    Count me in brothers
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  9. Raymond666

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    Show us, what you are able of!
  10. You got it brother, good to have you
  11. Day 9 my brain is like oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    today. That means it's stressing itself out and very tired of that. Not so much P or anything, just life. I know what to do... focus on whats good, find things I'm grateful for, take another position on whats bothering me (the what else could this mean exercise), understand that life is happening for me not too me, but it's difficult today.

    I'm even getting aggravated that I cannot dispose of these feelings as quickly BUT ... when I think about that more I start to get an understanding which relieves the pressure a bit. When I start to think outside my thoughts and feelings I can get a real appreciation for them because this is an exercise in getting stronger and I can see them for what they are and let them go.

    It is an exercise in repetition because those thoughts and feelings come back, so I need to exercise my brain again. It's all good, it's excellent actually, its fantastic and incredible all in one. Writing this helps me alot. Tomorrow is day 10, what a rush!! Hope you're all on 10 or higher, if you're not, that's ok too. I've had many many days when I couldn't get out of my own way.

    Good luck to you all.
  12. Raymond666

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    You can count on me! I won't fail!
    Writing helps a lot!
    I pinned up pictures of my AP.
    The most important thing is to not touch yourself.
    You can challenge me, if you want! I won't jerk!
  13. redoanew

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    It is amazing how being around good people makes such a difference for me. I have been super lonely but the next few months I am going to be around a lot of good people. I will still have temptations of lust but at least I wont be relapsing to run from the feelings of loneliness. I am noticing that there are different reasons to relapse I can relapse because I feel lonely and it takes me away from those negative feelings for a moment or I can relapse because of the actual lust lust that is in me.
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  14. Cool man that's great self reflection. I've been studying various psychology techniques around emotions for a while now and the number one thing that works the most is talking to someone.
    It usually takes us our of ourselves the best. Other things work too but that tops them all.

    There are definately different reasons to look at p. If I'm not feeling good, if I want to escape, if im bored and even if im feeling really good ("hey you know what would make this feel even better"). My patterns are predictable. Fight with gf, check, lonely and bored check, pissed off check, hungry and tired check. Lots of reasons.

    According to Tony Robbins there are 6 human needs which explain why we do anything in life.

    They are

    1 the need for love and connection
    2 the need for variety
    3 the need for security / certainty
    4 the need for contribution
    5 the need for growth
    6 the need for significance

    Look at anything you do and tie it back to those 6. My job brings me money which gives me a sense of security. I like hiking, that gives me a sense of variety and certainty because I'm gonna have a good time.

    He also says addictions are formed when something meets three or more of those needs.
    So for me P meets variety (always looking for something new), certainty ( I know I'll feel good) and connection ( despite it being fake and pixels I connect at some level, like my favorite p star is my favorite for a reason).

    Anyway so if you subscribe to this thought process then the way to break this addiction is to find something else that meets those needs.

    For me right now, I'm using nofap to replace p. I get connection, contribution, variety, growth and significance. It kicks the a$$ outta Pmo.

    I hope this helps, I'll take no offense if you dont subscribe to this ideaology, it's not for everyone.

    Thanks for contributing, my mind was trying to push me around tonight and this got me back on track.

    Take care
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  15. Welcome to C90 day 10!!!!

    Hell yeah!!!! I'm hoping you're on 10 with me!!! It feels awesome!!!!!

    Just 8 more sets of 10 days and we'll be on 90.

    In short on time and running late, the downside of being so happy that you spend too much time goofing around in the morning.

    I'd love to hear how others are doing .
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  16. stunt169

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    Congrats on your streak mate!. I´m still going on on mine , but recently split up with my gf ( 5 year relationship), so it has been kind of hard. The urges are still not as strong as they were in day 7-9 so they are still manageable. I´m having a hard time about fantasies , because I miss the sex with my gf and I keep having images of past experiences with her.
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  17. Doing well, had a couple of provocative images pop up on my computer in ads while doing other work. Clicked away from the images as quickly as possible before I had time to give it a second thought.
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  18. Oh dude, very sorry to hear that, that totally sucks.
    Well, use this opportunity to better yourself. You've grown from the relationship and use that as a catalyst to propel you into a life free from pmo in 2019. Let 2019 be the year you changed for the better.

    I'm here for ya friend!!
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  19. baileyw1999

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    I've been porn free for a week now! I wasn't able to go a day without porn, it became a routine and at times I would beat my meat 2 or 3 times during the day out of boredom or it was all I could think of. Before I started I unfollowed any models, thirst trap pages, worldstar or any other page that would trigger my need to beat my meat because I saw something that turned me on. It could have been a girl twerking or a cleavage. Since unfollowing them I've found it much easier to control my urges and encourage others to do so as well. I hope to reset my brain after 90 days and never return to porn!

    Hope everyone is sharing the same success and more with me! I hope y'all are already receiving the benefits of nofap already! If not, restart! You got this! Pick yourself up again and dust yourself off and try again!
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  20. Awesome job dude!!!
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