I'm starting a group called C90

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  1. That's awesome man, great job!!!!
  2. Welcome to C90 Day 11!!!

    We're on a roll now!! I'm already looking ahead to 15 which in my mind is another block.

    Friday heading into the weekend, do you guys find your most troublesome times is the weekend? I do, Saturdays especially. With that mindset though we can start mentally and physically preparing for it.

    Mentally we can say to ourselves, "ok, in the past, at times, I've had a hard time with P on Saturday BUT tomorrow I'm going to stay focused, strong and positive. I'm going to face each challenge that arise head on and not back down, I'm going to give it my best and know that whatever happens, whatever thoughts I have that I am stronger than that. I understand any thoughts I have that are telling me to look at P are a complete LIE and utter BS!!"

    Tell yourself what you want to happen and your subconscious will work with you on this. You might hit tomorrow and have a P thought and then BAM you'll remember what you said to yourself today and go "oh yeah, I'm supposed to face each challenge head on and I know that these thoughts are crap!" And then you can decide to do something else.

    Give it a try.

    Also prepare phsyically, make a plan for your day, map out each part of the day as to what you'll be doing. I'm not saying stay busy 100% of the time but if you're going to have some downtime prep for it. Say ok, I'm gonna study from 9-10, then take a walk, then each lunch then I'll probably want to rest and watch some tv. If you make a plan you'll be in a better spot even if you decide to change your plan, hopefully to go do something fun and not go off to PMO.

    Failure to plan is planning to fail!!

    Have a great day friends!!
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  3. Willingness4real

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    Am interested pls
  4. Hey Willingness4real, welcome to the club. There's no real membership nor requirements. I'm not tracking counting here. You're welcome to post here about how you're doing or if you need support. I post daily and help those who need it.

    What's your story?
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  5. Welcome to C90 Day 12!!!!!

    It's a wonderful rainy Saturday today, great day to spend 9 hours glued to a screen looking for that next high!!!

    I've been there. You get off, say you're done, 20 mins later you're back at it. Hours and hours go by and your practically in physical pain now yet it wont stop.

    There is help. Alot of it. You have to look though not far, it's there. You have to take that first step, you have to decide.

    Theres help online, theres help in your community, there groups, 12 step groups, church groups, recovery groups.

    I did the 12 step thing for a while for both alcohol and sex. I'm not into the I'm always an addict mentality (though I can see where some want it / need it) but damn did I ever meet the nicest bunch of people. I still have friends in the program.

    Anyway, if your really struggling and you think you're alone, you're not. Find the help, so it for your future self.
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    Doing just fine!
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    I am in as well guys.
  8. Cool man, welcome aboard. What do you hope to get out of this ?
  9. Welcome to C90 day 13!!!
    I woke up today and was like "ehhhh 13, what a boring in between number."

    Then I thought theres been many a time I would love to have 13 days. I'd have love to have 13 hours.

    Theres so much to be grateful for its ridiculous but we often overlook that which we take for granted.

    Did anyone wake up today and get really excited to be breathing? Really thankful to be hearing? Really incredibly humble to be walking? So fantastically appreciative for the clothes on your back, the food that you eat, the heat in your house, the house itself, the people in your life, the computer that your using to read this, the sun that's 93 million miles away and warms our planet perfectly yet has never asked for a thank you?

    I now appreciate sun worshipers on a whole new level.

    How many things had to happen for this moment right here right now as you read this? Billions and billions of events over millions of years brought us to right here right now and how many of those events are you personally responsible for?

    If you take away the .00000000000001% that you actually did and think about the something else made all the other stuff happen, can you be thankful for that?

    Gratitude is the ultimate leveler.

    Have a wonderful and incredibly awesome day today!!!
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  11. Congratulations man, excellent job!!
    Honestly you should delete those tapes. What purpose other than pmo do they serve?
    Shes your ex so you'll never be together again and you should move on.
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    I agree with I_AM_AWESOME, you should get rid of them.
    People who are struggling with moving on often collect various things which are obstacles on their way of personal growth. PMOers gather P videos, photos and gifs, they download it into their mobiles and PCs. :emoji_iphone::emoji_computer::emoji_desktop:
    Free yourself. :emoji_broken_heart::emoji_soon::emoji_green_heart:
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  13. Welcome to C90 Day 14!!!
    Two weeks!!!!
    That's awesome!!!
    I hope you guys are with me in that count (or higher).

    Honestly I've not had any strong urges and the moment I think about it I come here and read and or post some stuff.

    I was thinking about how manufactured P is today. You see people on camera having sex and whatever but if you pull back the camera theres like 20-30 people standing around filming & watching this.

    They're not getting off on this because its become so every day to them and it's a job.

    So while you're brain is racing around creating chemicals like mad, making you more addicted than ever these people are standing around collecting a paycheck.

    You're selling your soul to pay these people.
    You're becoming addicted to pay these people.
    You're giving up relationships to pay these people.
    You're #%%#%$$ up your interpersonal and relationship skills to pay these people.
    How you will be in a relationship with your one day significant other may be permanently altered and or even scarred because these people want to get paid.

    It may be free but it costs you alot more than money.

    It's not worth it. They're #$%#$ drug dealers and you are way, way, way better than that!!!!

    Love yourself today guys, dont give in!!!
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  14. stunt169

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    I fucked up and relapsed, back to day 0 :(
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  15. Dares Greeneye

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    Don't worry about relapse, you did well. I do not know how many days had your streak, I think 13 or so. That's great achievement. :emoji_trophy:
    Just do not surrender. Go on, you are able to recover, believe me. Why should you?
    I had been watching porn for 3-8 hours daily until I realised how many deformations I got from P(and excessive MO). I am on this journey of NoPMO for over year and half and I'm recovering. Slowly, but surely. :emoji_feet: You will too. :emoji_herb:

    I know it is hard to be inspired or motivated after relapse, people often fall into anxiety and depression. But hey, you are still breathing. You didn't fail, you just fell on the path to the better self. :emoji_star2:
    Relapse is not total new start from zero, it is part of your journey. You have already proven you can go 2 weeks without PMO. You should focus on that, not relapse, not on the rocks and pits of your path, but the path itself. :emoji_chart_with_upwards_trend:

    "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue what counts." - Winston Churchill
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  16. Oh dude, was it those tapes? If so, now a the time to get rid of them. Your later self will hate you for it but get rid of them
  17. Also, I'm super sorry to hear that you had a slip. I've been there I know exactly how it feels.

    I've pounded my fists against the table, I've cried my eyes out over doing that exact same thing.

    It takes time, be patient. This is something you learn over time with experience.

    You might feel like crap but you dont have to. You can choose to focus on what's good and go from there.

    Keep at it, you will find it!!
  18. Thank you for the super positive awesome contribution. We need more of this!!!
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  19. stunt169

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    Thank you guys for all the kind words and the support. This helps a lot to get up on my feet again and continue with this challenge.

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