I'm starting to become ashamed of this community

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Castielle, Nov 16, 2019.

  1. Castielle

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    I see. Fair enough. I can be kind of blunt in the way I phrase things sometimes. That's partially because this is in writing, and I write fairly formally I suppose, and I don't shy away from speaking my mind. And some things are worth arguing against. And of course, as mentioned, this is a frustrating issue to deal with.
  2. TheLoneDanger

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    It goes hand-in-hand. Nevertheless, I respect your opinion.
  3. Little Bo Peep

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    I'm talking about this specific thread as you're the one who's whinging that shes apparently daft, so why not go to another thread if you're going to treat her with contempt and rudeness? OP has already expressed being ashamed of the management of the current problems going on and not the site in general as she clearly stated...
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  4. GottaBFree

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    In general that’s a great idea.

    OP wants to try to regulate what people say and how they express their feelings. That is counter productive to a group like this.
  5. Castielle

    Castielle Fapstronaut

    That's entirely your opinion, and it's an opinion many people here vehemently disagree with. You're entitled to your opinion, and I'm entitled to mine.
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  6. GottaBFree

    GottaBFree Fapstronaut

    Cool but I’ll express my belief just as strongly because you are dead wrong.
  7. Little Bo Peep

    Little Bo Peep Fapstronaut

    So... you obviously didn't read it. It's not about "controlling" what people say, because if somebody posts something toxic then they're being toxic, plain and simple. If she was the supposed bloody "feminazi" ranting arsehole people are making her out to be, I'm pretty sure most threads (including men's) would be reported and removed, but no, it's just the damaging ones.

    Just because toxicity is brought to light here doesn't mean she's controlling anything, there's never an excuse for being degrading, toxic, poor excuse of a human being.
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  8. GottaBFree

    GottaBFree Fapstronaut

    People here are devastated. They are trying to pick themselves up and learn the right way to live and be happy. That is a process and you are advocating not being able to share what they think and feel.

    There is tons of content I don’t agree with. I don’t read lots of forums on here.

    Shaming people for being open and sharing their thoughts while they are in recover is truly disgusting. It’s a process and they often learn by being safe to say the wrong thing.

    Not every thread and every forum is for everyone. Find healing in your own forum here, or elsewhere but stop trying to be so controlling.
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  9. MuscularSherlockHolmes

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    Aren't you doing the same thing, discouraging someone from sharing their opinion just because you don't happen to subscribe with what they are saying.
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  10. Little Bo Peep

    Little Bo Peep Fapstronaut

    If i see toxic behavior I will most certainly keep reporting and calling them out on it, I stand by what I say. Nobody who's like that just "figures" it out, when they're being damaging and disrespectful towards women and other men they will continue to do so until something is done about it. They clearly think their warped view is justified and right, so what changes when they're freely allowed to continue their hostile antics?

    There's viewpoints people have that are acceptable even if they differ and I personally disagree with them, but that's definitely not the same as someone being a complete arsehole. Are you seriously suggesting to let others get berated or put down because of that excuse? You know how I learned I was being a prick while in recovery? By folks calling out my shite behaviour, and mods coming down on me. There's no excuse being a wanker and disrespectful to others.

    Growing in recovery is not only acknowledging your issues, actively working on those problems, but also changing your overall attitude towards life. Most folks including myself need a push or a "wake up call" in order to see how daft we were being.
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  11. GottaBFree

    GottaBFree Fapstronaut

    Lol. Trolling.

    Not at all similar.
  12. GottaBFree

    GottaBFree Fapstronaut

    report it. Respond in threads. That’s good and helpful. I can’t do it with kindness, so I don’t.

    You guys paint with a broad brush and I have no respect for what you are trying to do in this thread.

    Disgusting. Controlling.
  13. Little Bo Peep

    Little Bo Peep Fapstronaut

    Whatever you say. These toxic people are put in a bad light because that's what they are, I at least can admit I was part of the problem until it was shown to me and I actually did something about it. You learn the hard way.

    You obviously have no idea what OP and people are talking about here, "controlling" my arse. The only thing that's "disgusting" is your people's tolerance for that rubbish.
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  14. GottaBFree

    GottaBFree Fapstronaut

    That’s dumb. If you have specific threads in mind, go deal with it directly on those threads.

    I would not be shocked if these “issues” are bogus or legitimate.

    I think very poorly of how this thread was approached and the mindset behind it.
  15. Little Bo Peep

    Little Bo Peep Fapstronaut

    So again, you clearly don't know what this thread is even remotely about. I don't know where your mindset is at but obviously you don't get it, so good luck with whatever it is you believe.
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  16. GottaBFree

    GottaBFree Fapstronaut

    I believe you are trying to impose your culture and sense the of morality on everyone. I believe you think anyone who disagrees with you can be called sexist, etc...

    I believe you don’t understand what this forum is. I believe you are trying to shame others into joining your crusade.

    This isn’t a gardening forum. It’s a place to heal. Stay away from subforums that don’t help you heal and give others space.

    If you see something specific in a thread where you are a member participate... not a cop. As a fellow person on the road to recovery.
  17. Little Bo Peep

    Little Bo Peep Fapstronaut

    As I said you obviously don't see what anyone is talking about here, otherwise you wouldn't be saying the dodgy rubbish you currently are. There is no "crusade" or shaming like you claim, we all have an obligation to remove toxic behaviour to help make the forums a better place, which is what we're doing. Especially when all this thread was doing is pointing out these types of toxic things, in hopes something is done about it but folks came in and turned it some kind of personal vendetta. Like they think we have something against all men, even though it has been said over and over again it isn't about that.

    I would suggest you practice what you preach, if you don't like this thread then stay away from it. Even though there's valid things that were pointed here you're the one that's shaming us for having an issue with certain people's behaviour, so it's clearly not helping you in any way so coming here isn't going to do anything for you but apparently just make you upset.


    Sexism is sexism and being toxic is universal, it doesn't matter what "culture" you're from.
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  18. GottaBFree

    GottaBFree Fapstronaut

    You are saying the same thing I am about your actions. Different words, same story.

    I stand by what I’m saying. You don’t understand what this place is, or you are trying to destroy it.
  19. Little Bo Peep

    Little Bo Peep Fapstronaut

    We're not destroying anything and I don't get why you don't understand something so simple, so keep believing we're the ones that are toxic or damaging and I'll keep doing what I'm doing.
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  20. GottaBFree

    GottaBFree Fapstronaut

    [QUOTE="Little Bo Peep, post: 2330360, member: 89296]
    Sexism is sexism and being toxic is universal, it doesn't matter what "culture" you're from.[/QUOTE]

    You are wrong about this as well. You assume your views on these issues is right and absolute. The OP showed that is incorrect.

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