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    I realized my introduction wasnt that clear... This is the thing: i used to ask myself about my sexual orentation just because I have been used to masturbate on transexual porn but I m not attracted from masculinity nor mens and this gave me lot of insecurities and also made me think a lot about it also when I dont wanted to, also during sexual intercouse with my gf. Now that I m getting rid of this shitt* porn I do not feel guilty or insicure anymore and im gaining confidence about my masculinity.
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    I know exacly how you feel... I felt disgusting with myself. Dont give up my friend! We will succeed!
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    I wont brother! The best thing is that i just was used to watchit , i dont need that shi*! good luck with your journey mate, never give up!
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    I know all about transsex porn and worse.
    After all: it's just porn and messing up your brain and identity.
    For sure (!!) you can get rid of that. I wish you good luck on the quit.
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