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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by HolyTheotokos, Mar 26, 2021.

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    I will not use YouTube, accept 1 hour a day maximum if there is something to watch. No other sites, only one particular forum (RayPeatForum) to aid me in my recovery in health. It is simply too much for me... There are too many things on the internet... Too many people I will never meet, too much content which is not useful and actually degrading for my soul. Everything has an agenda. I have many problems in my life and I must solve them. A sleepless binge on forums I visit, YouTube, just unhealthy habits... Now I see there is not much useful, I think I will say no thank you. It is just a time sink. I have the liberty of so much time and it just goes down the drain and I complain to others I don't have time... Oh how I fool myself daily and don't take responsibility for my life... Modern problems...
    Very weird to me honestly... The internet and computer, phone and television screens just take any happiness from me. I have this thought that, we see people on the screen and we internally think; This is what I am, a cold glass and plastic and metals. And we think to ourselves we are nothing. And thus we want to become again nothing and we beg for death. This goes along with the modern scientific agendas and Godless ideas... We are not special as Man, we are not special as lifeforms, life is not special. It is meant to destroy you and make everything as miserable as possible, with "Science" not being worth much. Science wasn't pivotal in getting Man to the moon, engineering was, infact science was not pivotal at all and was minor and not valued at the time. And Science being this thing that is 50% of the time wrong/meaningless/fraud (because science at this point is trying to prove your particular side is right, so most of it is plain fraud; and in-general does not apply functionally on a real world scale outside of a laboratory) and very politicised. And people want to base Economics, societies and countries on this... These whole ideologies I see in the West nowadays of LGBT, Worship of Science (not actual Science) and whatever else. It is meant to destroy and cause misery.
    Pornography and masturbation is too self destruction such as this, but Science Worshippers say it is backed by their selected studies and fellow degenerate ideologies. Seeing all this and being a part of it myself and seeing how ths most heretical fear Him most, no other figure from any other religion as much as Him, has made me certain the Salvation of Christ is the only way in the end.
    I despise the internet and I love my life but the internet made me miserable and as a young man stunted my social development in my particular case. Just something simple really, I wish to spend less time on the computer, for my Son all he is getting is wood blocks with letters on them, that much is certain :) That is all. This movement has really helped me and I thank the help from the users here.
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    Honestly i'm glad that your doing this, people simply just don't realize the incredible toll that the internet and this technology has on our spiritual, emotional, social, and even intellectual development, it is certainly not worth the risk. I completely blocked youtube and all other forms of social media and just read books of things im interested in instead and then do those things. The only site I visit is....well this one, and I'd like to think my comments can actually help people here. People that are chasing a virtuous goal deserve to have some help, not some vain man or women on instagram.
    I do want to interject a little however, it's not nescessary the science that is bad, but how people lie with STATISTICS. Statistics are so mind numbingly easy to use to manipulate a result, so those with alterior motives are of course going to abuse it. I am a scientist, i'm greatful for some of the really cool things that I know, but man i'm especially grateful that I can tell when i'm being lied to with statistics, and I simply cannot be swayed until I see the full picture.

    P.S. Pfft your gonna teach your son letters? I'm going full oonga boonga and only teaching him pictograms, can't use the internet if he can't read lol

  3. Interesting opinions. Best of luck to you!
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    Think you have to find a balance with internet usage like you need to find balance with everything in life. Internet is really useful in many ways and you can learn a lot from it. It just depend on the way you use it! I think it is very good that you have self thoughts about which way you want to use internet. What also helps is to put technology device outside your bedroom. In this way you really choose to use the device when you want and with a purpose then just useless scrolling youtube in bed. :)
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    Go.back to.the 90s early 2000s life was very different barely anyone used social media it was limited to uploading a few pictures here and there . You.weren't glued.to.the damn thing like a new limb .... remember elon musk said out obsession with it is it.basically our limbic system ... we're living .through technology. What you see online is the limbic system but we have much more of our actual brains to experience life .... we might feel stimulated by technology in many ways but it will never fullfill your life

    Was when you strip it back to sticks and stones that's pretty obvious

    Guess we're happy enough with virtual stimulation enough to not really be doing anything .

    If I had my choice of lifestyle it would be out in the arsehole of nowhere like Alaska.... maybe a bit warmer..... And having to use my brain and endurance to build develop grow and survive ... you would never be bored and come back to society from time to time and one day let people tend your spot if you decide to come home as you get older .....

    I know bit full on and there's plenty you can do without going that far
    ... but.is.thete really. As an average Joe.... limited finances your best bet is building some furniture doing some.diy going for a run and lifting and going to.the supermarket for meat and veg ..... it's pretty lack luster.

    Roll on till.i get my motorbike license and on to the next thing
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