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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Soul_destroyer, Jun 19, 2020.

  1. Soul_destroyer

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    I can't stop getting aroused from TV adverts, movies and TV shows with all the attractive actresses. I'm just constantly horny and thinking about sex, I didn't feel this bad when I was watching porn and masterbating. I'm unfortunately debating going back to it.
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  2. Don’t go back to it, no matter what.
    Much easier said than done.
  3. Soul_destroyer

    Soul_destroyer Fapstronaut

    I'm feeling worse because of it though
  4. MyMind07

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    Go back if you want. It is your choice. You don't have me or others with it. Just yourself.
  5. Stop looking at them with lust. One simple trick is to not look at females under head level.
  6. Chefb87

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    I know in my recovery. I felt the same way. The question I have for you. How strong and badly do you want to kick this addiction? When I stopped watching porn I had the same thing happen. Movies, tv , advertisements , heck even pro wrestling was triggering to me. I found that my addiction was looking for anything sexual . So I decided to stop watching pro wrestling. I now stay away from movies, and tv shows that I know are going to be sexual. And for ads I look away. I would highly recommend you look at staying away from all those things you listed as much as possible.
    It is possible . Even if right now you may be thinking " god ! I have to give everything up!?". I promise it's possible , and it feels so good !
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