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    Hello there! I just made an account here on NoFap. I've known NoFap for a couple of months before actually reading from the Forums. I'm gonna be honest, at first i thought "Why should i read these fairy tailes? It will do me no good". Eventually i started to have some questions about my reboot and i ended up here.

    Soooo let me tell you my story.

    At 11 years of age i heard about this stuff on the internet called "Porn" or, as you like to call it, "P". At this time i didn't know where babies come from. So i started PMO-ing almost every day for the last 5 years. Then suddenly, after 5 years of PMO ruining my life slowly(mostly school and self improvement related problems) i came to the realisation that if i want to achieve my goals then i have to abstain from P,M and O for good. At first, i was like an infant trying to climb a tree. I didn't know how to brake my habits and if i knew something about my addiction at all then i wouldn't care enough to solve it. After a not so long time i found the way and i got to my first 30 days without PMO. I was so into the addiction that i don't even remember the good it did to me. So the 30th day i relapsed. After that we have 4-5 months of the same shit (until i got that shit together). Currently i am at DAY 1. Yes, yesterday i relapsed. And it was a shit reason too. For some reason i allowed my self to watch Porn. I think i was bored. After that, it was no coming back. The good news was that i beat my previous score(30 days). I got 39 days. It was the first time that i saw so much improvement.
    I hope that NoFap will help me at not only my darkest days but also the brightest.
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    Welcome! I'm glad you're here. Keep coming back. If I can help, let me know.

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