I'm very angry and disappointed in nofap

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Ash266, Sep 22, 2019.

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    It takes one to know one.
  2. Let’s see:

    I don’t think it’s a smart play generally to be condescending, judgmental, immature and throwing a hissy fit because you got questioned.

    I don’t have any issue with critique but anyone who does the stuff you do will eventually get burned.

    Troll or not. If you are here just to argue and name-call you deserve what you get.

    And that’s not healing usually.
  3. Alright man.

    My point was to communicate —- not name-call.

    Do what you want; Your other threads are usually poignant and on point.

    Peace man. Enjoy the Sunday lol.
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  4. I don't recall calling you names, because i didn't have to. You were communicating i was communicating with you too. Have a nice sunday too. You got a good streak, keep it up! ;)
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  5. Correct.

    I wasn’t talking about myself but your post is laced with condescending terms like “Crybaby”. “Little friend”. Etc.

    That usually leads to a downward spiral. Again I’m not here to beat you down just to point out the difference.

    Thanks for that compliment btw. You are doing great yourself. Son goku would be proud lol.
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  7. Not helping bro. I just want us to elevate our level of conversation. I hope that’s cool with you too.

  8. I don’t see anything wrong with the original post in this thread. NoFap isn’t working miracles for a brother.

    Here are a couple of things that help me:
    - keep a journal in which you are honest with your feelings.
    - have a daily routine of goals. One important one for me was a consistent daily grooming routine
    - have three or four good male friends your age that you can be honest and vulnerable with
    - find something like art, music etc that will let you express your soul
    - fuck InCel or whatever bullshit you see. Act friendly to women and be an excellent listener

    Just my .02
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    There comes a time when spending too much time on this forum does more harm then good.
    Theres no point in wasting time on some people, help those who need help and want to be helped and let the rest to fade away into the nothing.
    That's my 2 cents, your free to do has you please my friend, just though i should comment.
  10. You are right friend, in the end, all we want is the best for ourselves, and in the end i just want people to succeed too. Everyone around here. Take care. :)
  11. Ok let's be clear.

    Porn can be an addiction , and let's just say that the problem lie in the overload of dopamine , witch can cause lack of motivation , depression and so on.

    This can happen with a lot of things. - In other world , porn is just a WAY to overload our pleasure circuit. There is many other way

    Outsides of porn : you physiologie and psychology have a huge impact on you.
    - So the way you think about yourself can make you feel depressed. The way you think about other , life , can make you feel angry , tense and so on ... Your ego , the way you feel superior CAN make you have problem to connect and have friends
    - Bad posture can also make you feel depressed
    - Your environnement also have an impact on you ( Job , computer , familly , ... )

    If we talk about LIFE we need to be aware that there is a lot of interdependence going on.

    So please let go of your EGO and the Rationalisation you made to feel better about your situation and be more honest with yourslef.

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    Good advice thanks for the kind reply
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    NoFap doesn't give you superpowers or crazy benefits like a lot of people post. It does however give you the belief that you are in control of your life and that is a very powerful thing.
  14. Ash266

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    I agree with you I regret posting this best regards
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    If you're walking around in a grump and pissed off then girls aren't going to talk to you. Sounds like there's other things to address here, not just fapping or porn.
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    You have every right to continue your secret, harmful and pathetic habit... however, please don't come on here spreading negativity.
    Let us get on with improving ourselves
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  17. Ash266

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    I wont go back to pmo I been clean for way too long
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    NoFap Defender

    Why did you angry for one year lost of fap time?Is there a problem in your brain?Think about this,would you angry for absent from the kinkiest sex in 30 years that you never know?I guess not,if some are addicted to that they probably get upset,but yours are pmo made your anger,isn’t the NoFap theory has some point on here?You(we)are junkies .
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    Breaking ToS and the posting rules risks your account getting moderated. Be wise.

    Thank you.
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    Some of us are not doing this for "superpowers" or to get laid.

    I've never had issues with girls before nofap and even now in abstaining from PMO for three weeks I have a gf .

    However i have severe physical symptoms that I have been to doctors over and over again. They were never explained. Insomnia.ED. Aches etc.

    The only thing that has improved for me in these three weeks is sleep and I'm very happy with that. I don't expect my body to heal any time soon but I will take any progress as it comes.

    Beating this addiction will not give you any superpowers. Do you think a nevi addict that has been clean for a year will suddenly start ruling a country JUST because he's not doing drugs. I don't think so.

    Lifestyle change is extremely important in this journey.
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