I'm very tired of starting over and over again and get the same pain.

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by BrokenHabit, Nov 25, 2019.

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    I tried very hard for this Nofap trip. Yes, it was only 10 days, but I did a lot of things to make this happen: I learned to sleep at night, not to skip school, I was again engaged in creativity (music) and many others. But my poisonous rodents ruined everything. My grandmother sucks from me all the good, energy. I again fell into low thoughts, lost energy, mood and time. And again plunged into the PMO. I hate it all. It’s so hard to go up and grab yourself anew, to do basic things and to fall so easily in the bottom and observe life as if from the bottom of a icy river.

    No friends and girls. I thought that I didn’t even have a month in my whole life so that my relatives would not bother me.
    I’m tired, I’m 20 and I’m still tormented by scandals, I don’t know what calm at home is, I’ve been nervous all my life, they don’t let me recover and leave to live alone.
    If I die and who cares? Somehow he lived, tried something, wanted something, dreamed about something, sought something (maybe not enough), even no one will know about it.
    I want to find a virgin girl. I’ll try to overcome all the difficulties and begin to get acquainted with the girls in the spring. Please write comments, I have no friends and I want to be heard.
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    Some people have less stress, and they drop PMO faster.
  3. BrokenHabit

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    I would like to read your stories
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    You should leave your home (?).

    When I read your text I feel like I'm reading a story of myself in my early 20s.

    When you live in a stressful environment you will try to find ways to calm yourself almost unconsciously. Moreover, you will try to adapt subconsciously to the situations you face. If you stay in your house you will most likely spend all the time on your room, browsing the web, watching videos, socializing in forums... ultimately you will go for porn, because you simply do not have any way to release sexual urges if you stay in your house every time.

    You need to leave your house, that doesn't mean that you have to be homeless...

    You can try to find a work mid-time, you can study on a library near you, you can try to enrol yourself in public activities (you should research some of them). A lot of people doesn't know that public social entities (like libraries, sport centers, public schools, etc) organize activities for everyone to participate, you just need to search for them.

    So, go out, you are too used to your comfort zone, of course you will not go out if the only thing you have to do is to tolerate your grandmother and your relatives... so you prefer to live in that vicious cycle than to make an effort to try new things.

    Fight your laziness.

    You can go back to your home late night just enough to sleep (not to browse the internet), and start a new fresh day later.

    What do you think about it?
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    If leaving is not an option, you should really try bettering your relationships with your relatives, it'll be very hard and there's not much chance of success, but that's probably the only way to reduce that tense environment.

    If that's not possible at all, staying out as long as you can is the best option, as the guy above me said.
    A sport or exercising works great, you wouldn't believe the amount of stress and anger that i released during my life with that.
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    I'm very sorry BrokenHabit. I wish I could meet a beautiful lady too. Let's hope things get better for guys like us. Hang in there man
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    I'll try
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    Meditate and ur life will turn around 360!

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