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    Alright so tell me if this may seem like a scenario you may have been in. So you meet this girl you guys start talking and trying to hang out and before anything even happens your brain says OMG THIS IS IT. This is finally going to be it Im gonna have the nasty and we gonna be a thing. Then once you hang out and realize oh crap she isnt going to be the one and you end up depressed af. Here is another ending. You get ghosted. You have no idea what you did or said but now your anxiety is freaking out.

    If this has been you please give me some sort of advice. Like Im tired of thinking about this shit at the time.
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    Try to remain calm when those first "this might be it" thoughts come. If it comes, it comes. I have felt like crap so many times because I expected something that did not happen. Live in the moment, dont fantasize about future, I used to start making up scenarios in my head, then end up disappointed. If it is IT then it is, no need to speculate before hand or get too exited. Often exited we might be partially blind for some red flags etc.

    For me right now, I have been single for over two years and the pain that I have suffered from loneliness is mostly gone. Some nights it might strike back but I refuse to live in the past or the future and rather accept now as it is. Trying to focus on what is good right now helps. Going for walks help, if you can not sleep. I was a bit afraid of not letting my emotions control me since I thought it could make me numb and that I could not enjoy things since letting my emotions control like "oh this might be it" feels so good and happy at the moment but quite the opposite is true - I am feeling a whole lot better overall and I rarely feel too bad. There are and will be bad days, it is part of life, accepting it helps to deal with them better.

    Hope this helps. May God bless you on your journey.

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