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    TL;DR: Long story from another post below, but basically looking for people to join an iMessage group, 20 people max. I've seen a lot of spam on WhatsApp so not keen on using it, hence iMessage. I'll send you purpose and rules of group and you can see if you want to join! :)


    Hey guys, I had an earlier post about starting a group text for those interested, but I took some time to be more detailed here.

    I’ve noticed that I have mostly failed in my attempts to get better because I’ve always been dealing with it myself. Whole forums help, they are not as quickly accessible as text messages. Tbh my overall experience of meeting people on forums (here included) has been great. It’s the accountability part that I feel is lacking, not so much because of the individuals but more so because there is no system or standard set in place for this particular purpose. Just my opinion…

    The idea is to have a group chat where we can all maybe share our experiences on our journey once a week…and maybe whenever you can. You can send a link to an interesting article or a funny meme, but just be mindful that the main goal of the group chat is to have a safe space to share our journeys on a weekly basis, and get feedback/support in a more direct, quick, and informal way. The idea is not to spam, but to express yourself and speak your mind when you want to or need to or share something with others in our group. Either way, try to make sure you give your inputs for the weekly discussion. We can decide a day, I propose Sundays.

    Think of it like a SA or AA group, but in a chat. Others can reply, but everyone will need to follow a set of rules to ensure a respectable and supportive environment. In the interest of maintaining some decorum, I will write up some basic rules that I can share here, and your guys’ inputs are definitely welcome! People can feel free to connect independently, outside of the group, if they like. Obviously we don’t have to share our full names or anything (unless you want to lol), but at least go with your first name or initials when you intro yourself. Please try to refrain from introducing yourself as darklord727 or woofwoofgangbang (real usernames I’ve come across). This isn’t Twitter.

    I’m proposing a iMessage chat. Nothing against Android users lol. Trying to not sound like a total iPhone flexing douche lol, but I feel iMessage security/privacy is great, and this is kind of a sensitive topic we share between us so for an iPhone user it makes sense to use it. I’ve experienced a lot of spam on WhatsApp in the past so I’m not a big fan of that, and not too sure about other third party apps either.

    We could do a regular group text, but I don’t want to limit to just us folk in the US. Also, if you’re like me and travel a lot for work, regular text chats aren’t ideal mostly because of the international charges you incur per text.

    If you guys are linked up with APs already, you guys can join! If you’re solo trying to find a place amongst your peers on your journey, you can join! Everyone can join! *in Oprah voice*

    But those who don’t follow the basic rules (soon to come) or decorum will be banned and blocked. We are all here because we are trying to get better and support each other.

    Also I don’t know if this post will reach a lot of people, so if you’re on board with this idea it would be great if you could repost this so it reaches a decent audience, at least enough for us to start this chat and make it worthwhile (I’m thinking around the 20 range, but def the more the merrier). To be clear I’m not expecting a crazy amount of people to join and have a lot of activity, I don’t really care about all that. I just want an informal group setting where we can talk without too many distractions and with the main purpose of listening and supporting each other on our journeys with our condition, and with a little bit of fun on the side.

    Looking forward to hearing from you guys!

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    HI i'm interested in joining an Imessage accountability group

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