Immediate Flatline?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by zeekland, Feb 25, 2019.

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    Hello, been using porn for over 18-20 years now, mainly because I work so many hours that dating was never really an option and till I was 30 I had a pretty big drive, been on a 70+ hour work shift for most of my life. I'm now 32 and for both personal and renewed religious reasons I want to cut out porn, but I found cutting out everything helps me stay on track.

    I never thought I was much of an addict, my tastes in porn haven't changed much in the past 20 years, I never went down the hole in terms of needing "more intense" stuff and while I collected stuff I liked I didn't spend countless hours every day looking for it. I have also never had issues with my erection during sex or looking at porn, though I will admit the past few years it's taken me longer to achieve climax in both (which the women I was tossing with didn't mind) but nothing more than 10-20 minutes with pmo and sex just depended on the situation and if I did any techniques to delay or not.

    So I started my first streak last Sunday and I went into an immediate flatline I guess, I haven't had an erection since, not even morning wood which was normal for me. I don't buy the "superpower" nonsense I've been reading about one thing I was looking forward to was the "increase in energy after 7 days", I haven't noticed much of a difference there. Just curious how normal this is and how long it could possibly take to see increased energy? Thanks.

    I forgot to mention on day 4-5 I did have a dream of relapsing which was kind of amusing that I would feel so disappointed in a dream but nothing since.
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    Im not sure which religion ur in but multiple religions or religious figures from many religions know the power of not masturbating or temporary celibacy. I am a man of science but I admit religion was way ahead of us on this one. Exit ur flatline and get deep into ur streak. U will see why people hype the state u get in lol.

    In regards to the increased energy. For me its like a second wind that is hard to exhaust. It takes me at least 9 days and i have to eat healthy and not consume trash during those days to feel the nofap energy. U get a boost in testosterone which is the normal explanation after 7 days but most here will tell u there is something else going on inside u for sure. For me i get a heat in the middle of my chest. Like a good heat. The heat/energy doesnt go away unless i work out a lot or have sex with a woman. Ive seen others report the same on forums/reddit.

    Its normal to have relapse or porn dreams especially in the early days of ur reboot. Its kind of proof ur brain is more addicted than u would have thought. U get them less and less as u reboot.

    Some people get quick flatline or mini flatline. I dont think ur experience a true strong one already but who knows. Monitor and see. gl on ur journey.
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    Well 10 days and counting so we will see, have had the thoughts of porn once or twice over the past few days but it's out of mind as quickly as it comes in. I think the fact I dedicated from the git-go helped, deleted everything and removed everything which is where I think a lot of people have issues. I notice quite a few users talk about locking their stash or hiding it and I think subconsciously they are not fully dedicating to it.

    I don't see much of a energy boost but I notice my old work ethic is coming back, I enjoy the strain again but I don't know if it's placebo or not. I will know for sure once I get back into the gym and my work ramps back up (next month or so) to see if I feel like my old self again or not. Appreciate the words :)

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